Those who search the trash pile of the ages for a clue to this rock’s past, humanities past, are few and far between in the two legged animal species.
Most of the two legged animals are sheeple and everything scares the sheep shit out of them.
The sheep have no desire to understand the twisted trail of humanities attempt to become advanced spiritual beings, or their attempt to not become advanced spiritual beings may be a better description of the two legged sheeple.
Those who farm the sheep for perverse pleasure and profit give the sheep a simple plate of unadulterated bull shit which the sheep gobble down and beg for more.

On the other hand the truth causes the sheeple to poop their wool in fear, and to have a burning anger at those who scare the sheeple with facts and truths.

There is one Creator God.

There are many beings called “gods by the sheeple.
Any being which wandered through the sheeple herd on this rock who was a bit more advanced, a shade paler, more intelligent than the sheeple they called gods.
These “gods” with the telling, retelling of myths and bits of ancient history continued to grow, have wonderful stories made up about them.

The sheeple need their “gods”, as everything frightens them, they are afraid to do something different, something not accepted as “true” or “normal” by the herd.
They ignore the simple rules the Creator God laid down for spiritual growth while making up rituals for bull shit worship of false gods.
They kill those the Creator God send to help them because the emissaries of the Light keep telling the sheep they must change, they must rid themselves of their divers lust, perverse desires, must look inward to find the devil which “makes” them do all the evil backstabbing slandering attacks on others and a desire to do evil.

But the thing which pisses them off more than anything is telling them they must humble themselves before the one true Creator God to achieve spiritual growth, this must be Done life after life after life.
No short cuts, no get out of “hell” jail free cards.

The Sheeple piss in the face of the one true God while running after charlatans who promise an easy path to “heaven”.
You see according to the charlatans and the sheeple, Jesus came so he could die in great pain, shit on by the sheeple, so he could die so the sheeple do not have to work on getting the evil out of their lives.
They can do all the evil shit they want, and just say “Forgive me Jesus”, and the evil is all paid for by Jesus, and if they say “Be my Savior, forgive me my sins, all the bad shit they ever did or will ever do is paid for and they get to go to heaven where they never have to hit a lick of work again and get to be big shots forever and ever!

Humanity believes themselves “gods”, therefore they refuse to humble themselves before the One True Creator God.
The sheep are really humanity plebs, they have been given the chance to leave their animal lives behind and advance to Spiritual Beings, Humans.
Having two legs and opposing thumbs don’t make a sheep human.
being able to verbally communicate does not make one Human.
Damn jackasses bray to each other and understand the meanings of their vocalizations.

The sheeple who mistakenly label themselves as “humans” have convinced themselves God can not exist without his “special” children.
The sheep have themselves convinced they are the only intelligent life form the Creator God created, and without his “special” children, God would be nothing, therefore God needs Humanity!

I believe God grows weary of his “special children”.
I damn well know those who God sends to try to help the sheep are tired of being murdered by the sheep for telling then truth, or murdered by the charlatans while the sheeple cheer as the emissaries of God are thrown into prisons, slaughtered, boiled in oil, burned at the stake, skinned alive, drowned, shot, beheaded, fed to wild animals, cursed, called crazy, mocked and slandered.

I believe time grows short for the sheeple.
When the sheeple have exterminated the two legged sheeple “race”, when they have pissed in the face of God once too often, when God kicks their evil primitive souls back to being galactic cock roaches which exist by eating the shit of higher species on some rock makes this one look like heaven itself, when they must wait millions of years for another chance at being advanced spiritual beings, will they be yet too proud to humble themselves before the one true Creator God?

If one digs through the trash pile of history, one finds the accepted history of this world, God and “humanity” should start with “Once upon a time far away”, and end with “And they all lived happily ever after.

All souls are energy.
Energy can not be destroyed, energy can only change forms.
All souls are eternal, will exist eternally.
Existing eternally however, is a far cry from Eternal Life in the Presence of the One True God.
There are no shortcuts to being granted eternal life in the presence of God.
Mankind must do it Gods way, not God do it Mankind’s way.

But basking in their self importance, mankind demands God do it their way.

As the sheeple seem bent on exterminating humanity, I wish they would hurry the hell up.
I and a few others can not go home it seems until the sheeple find their way to God, or the extinction of humanity, one or the other.
As I have no faith left in humanity humbling themselves before God to stave off human extinction, and with a track record of running from God life after life, for thousands if not millions of years, I wish the sheeple would hurry up and make their smelly stupid arrogant asses extinct so those of us who have seen the Glory of God can return to the presence of God’s blinding to the unworthy, Pure Light
I have no faith left in the sheeple, and am sick of their ignorant fearful, yet prideful bleatings.

So hurry up and use all them Nukes, get vaccinated with voodoo vaccines, kill the honey bee with your poison so you have a “weed” free lawn, kill those among you with knowledge of truth.

Get er done, I grow homesicK and increasingly disgusted by what the sheeple call “humanity”.
Enjoy eating shit for a few million years.
I warn you however, once kicked back to cock roach status, humanity will have many more knees to bend to humble themselves, to ask God for forgiveness and another chance at two legs.

‘Humanity Argues with God!’

A Good Dream of a Just world the Angels Once Had-
Now has made God Himself Look Away, His Countenance so Very Sad-

Time wasted on such stiff necked self righteous Primitive souls treading in Quick sand-
Who’s only thoughts are of self gain and more pain for their own fellow “man”-

They rape their children, they sell their daughters, they pimp their wives-
All to avoid spiritual growth, Labor, and to get Self Gain from Others Lives-

They screamed at God he was Wrong, he MUST do things Their way or take a Hike-
Last seen God was near Venus giving humanity the rearward Finger while riding his Celestial Mountain Bike!

The Ole Dog!


  1. Lewie Paine says:

    You make a good point. There certainly doesn’t seem to be much rational thought coming from Americans these days.

    For example, this morning in the news I see – POLL: Majority say Trump should be convicted, barred from office…

    Here in ultra-liberal Boulder I know that’s certainly true. But as someone who’s on the outside looking into the political process, I would say that for the most part, Trump simply carried on the policies of the last few administrations.

    Understandable as there’s no substantial difference between the Red Gang and the Blue Gang.

    But I do see one difference. Trump didn’t start any new wars and he was even beginning to draw-down troops from Afghanistan and Germany.

    Is this his high crime as perceived by the war-mongering MIC and their useful idiots? He didn’t give them their war that they so desperately wanted?

    Or maybe he wasn’t fully on-board for with the Scamdemic? Was he not pushing the fear hard enough?

    I can’t answer these questions but I doubt the people in the poll can either. But forever what reason, the ruling class wanted him out and the subject class do as they’re programmed to do.

    That’s just the way it works I guess. But I’ve seen a lot of presidents come and go (Truman was president when I was born) and I say Trump was no better and no worse than the lot of them.

    Seems to me the real problem is the fools who prop-up the whole rotten system.

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