Fluoride Is Good For You, Good For Your Kids! Would Your “government” Lie To Your Sheep A$$??

How can you call yourself a patriotic DISTRICT OF COLOMBIA CITIZEN and give your kids bottled spring water with no chemical industrial hazardous waste by product Fluoride in it.

There are studies proving children who have the advantage of having industrial waste by product Fluoride dumped in their drinking water grow up to have overall lower IQ scores than kids disadvantaged by no hazardous waste byproduct in their driving water.

Your “government” wants you Stupid and your kids drooling idiots.
Not to give them hazardous man made products to drink & eat, denying your children GMO foods, mass produced fruits & vegetables empty of vitamins, minerals which the human body needs grown on petrochemical fertilizers, but with a long supermarket shelf life, no taste and very attractive colors with a blemish free skin is DAMNED WELL, UN-CITIZEN like of you and don’t be surprised when Child Protective Services kicks your door down, takes your children, vaccinate them, give them mass produced GMO frankenfoods, place them with a foster family of pedophiles who will rape and murder them!

And you Will have only yourself to blame!
If only you had not taken that first step towards bad citizenship and bad parenthood, questioned your “government”, started giving your kids UnTreated with hazardous Industrial waste by products Spring water, your kids would still be alive, drooling on themselves.

Be warned, these people did not listen to their “government” and toe the line!


The Ole Dog!

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