Ironically, the Christian church, awaiting the End Times and the apocalypse, has come eye-to-eye with foreseen evil, yet it fails to fully recognize it, for it is cloaked in the fear of death.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, churches have been singled out, not because of the stated (and conjured up) threat of disease and death (choir practice spreads viruses), but because the new globalist political agenda coming out of the World Economic Forum (WEC) in Europe seeks to eliminate mystical non-scientific religions altogether.

Few church leaders foresee there is no return to normal. The church is a target for extermination. The virologists already attempted to cancel Christmas. In the Xmas play the three wisemen would be super-spreaders. The cancel culture will predictably encourage believers to “ghost” Easter.

Most church leaders are unaware of the agenda proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEC), that has religious institutions in its crosshairs. According to the WEC, religion is outdated. For example, the WEC says the church is slow to adapt to homosexuality. (The Bible addressed this over three centuries ago.

Christians are not to condone sin and to love righteousness, to urge repentance (a 180º turn from all selfishness and evil). What is the godless WEC doing, giving instruction to the church?

Somehow church leaders never bothered to figure out if this viral pandemic were true. If it was, the choir, if not the whole congregation, would have come down with a mini-flu demic every winter.

Millions of churchgoers have prayed for God to put an end to this COVID-19 pandemic, never once suspecting it is a preplanned mass deception, a world reset, a global coup. The Bible says, in the end times, the elect will be deceived.

In fact, there may be no virus at all. If there is a virus, it isn’t causing excess deaths. But people are dying of something. It appears COVID-19 is causing Americans (and church-goers) to over-imbibe in alcohol to deal with stress and anxiety and consume coffee and tea to deal with sleeplessness, and that is leading to their early demise.

Digital offering plate

If the WEC gets its way a new digital currency will replace paper money and coin. Church leaders would then be blind-sided when they learn offerings will be funneled through the US Treasury Department in real time. Government would know which people donated and how much they gave, and which church they attend. Is that any different from a credit card?

Yes, churches and their parishioners can be tracked and controlled via digital access to money. Government, not just bankers, will immediately know what you are doing with your money. For example, tithes and offerings could be blocked if everyone in the congregation isn’t vaccinated, or if its membership isn’t inclusive (LGBT+), or exhibit racial diversity.

The strategy is to use social pressure to adopt new ways of making payments and to replace fear of an almighty invisible God with fear of a deadly invisible microbe. Christians are not to be deceived, as they are now.


The Covid-19 Crime & The Unwary Christian Church

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