LINCOLN WAS & IS A DAMN “puritan” yankee LIE!

The “Lincoln” which Lincon sold the voters never existed.
In reality Lincoln was a lying, stealing candy from a baby Bi-Sexual, Manic Depressive, hypocritical atheist, rail road shyster lawyer political whore who looked down on the voters as ignorant animals to be used in his Marxist Revolution.

He hated African Americans, wanted to ship them anywhere but America.
The atheist used fanatical Witch Burningf “puritan” cult propaganda to get yankees to rape, rob, burn & mass murder their way across the South to realize his dream of a Marxist American Empire.

Another lie is calling the queer yankee liar the “Great Emancipator”.
The “Emancipation Proclamation” was an attempt by Lincoln to extend his jurisdiction where he had non.

He “declared” Southern Slaves “free”, while not freeing slaves in yankee Union States.
his own Secretary of War Noted he [Lincoln] “freed” slaves where he had no authority or power to do so while neglecting to free the slaves he had the power and jurisdiction to do so.

The “emancipation proclamation” was an attempt by the war criminal queer lawyer to cause a slave revolt in the South.
In plain words, he tried to incite Southern Slaves to rape their masters women, murder the whole families, in order to draw front Line Confederate troops off of the front line to make it easier to whip the South.
It is to be noted he did not give a tinkers damn for all the children, women he was trying to get raped/murdered, nor the slaughter of the revolting slaves if they had gone for his political carrot and revolted.

His own yankee generals warned him if the yankee war criminal terrorist troops got the least idea they were fighting to free “n^g#rs”, the generals were afraid the gang raping little southern children till death troops would desert and go home.
Many did.

So you see, Lincoln has always been evil, and always a lie.
Just Like Lincolns Marxist American Empire held together by the point of the USA’s occupying troops weapons has always been evil and always been a lie.

I believe 155 years of occupation is enough.
The Occupied Republic of Texas does not like your yankee Communism and perverted evil.
Pack your carpetbags and get the hell out of my country yankee pendejos.
You wetbacks wanting to live in Mexico, get in that car, point it south, about one to two hours will have you in Mexico.
You USA firster Scalawags, I don’t give a damn if you go home with the pedo yankees or the thieving Old Mexicans, just get er done!

The Ole Texican Dog!

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