Rich a$$ holes always start wars in which poor kids die while the rich a$$ holes who started the war, who own and run “governments”, and their vermin spawn get richer.

No more of this communistic zionist zombie virus $#it!

No more damned wars for mass murdering rich perverted pedo Usury “bankers”.

Let the rat’s political w#ores die for the Rat’s blood lust.

Take this recent debacle of a “election”.
Any body smart enough to pour pi$$ out of a boot with the directions written on the bottom of the heel, is smart enough to know when the Trumpster packed in his events, and Hands Biden could not fill a Crack Heads Anonymous Meeting with his appearances, no way in hell Hands won the “election”.
It was stolen right in front of Americans face.

With Dueling as the Official World Wide State Dispute arbitrator, Hands Biden & the Trumpster would have each taken a pistol, stood back to back, taken 10 steps each, turned, fired, God would decide!

Uuuuurrrrrraaaaaaa God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take all these wars and rumors of wars.

Bomb Iran!!!!!!!!!

Ole Nitwityahoo wants to attack Iran, he and Iran’s Ayatollah square off!
Let God decide!

Although ole John Haggis could step in for ole Nitwityahoo.
That way it would be Koran Thumper versus Bible Thumper.

Now, no more taxing the poor.
When heads of States or religious leaders have “wars”, it can be put on PAY-PER-VIEW TV world wide, divide the take evenly among the worlds countries.
Along with a 25 percent take of all bets on said events.

Makes sence to me!

Or do you want your kids, grandkids killing and dying for rich a$$ holes?

The Ole Dog!

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