Moses Mordecai Levy-Karl, Heinrich Marx:

When you have people high in the public eye having actively covered their tracks, e.g. Barry Soetoro on everything from his birth certificate to his student record [and I’m not referring here to its authenticity but to the way he approached the request] … or Ted Cruz and his faux-Christianity when his wife is a […]

World Loves Biden

President Joe Biden is popular across much of the world and expected to provide greater U.S. leadership, a new multi-nation survey shows. “We wanted to know: If there is a change of administration and if the U.S. is ready to lead again, will anyone follow?” said Michael Broening, Executive Director of the New York office […]

After Two Weeks Of Sleeping On Cold Marble, Congress Boots National Guard To Local Parking Garages

After two weeks of sleepless nights protecting Washington DC from an alleged inauguration threat that never materialized, thousands of National Guardsmen were booted from Congressional grounds on Thursday, where they were forced to sleep on marble floors, and have instead been forced to take their rest breaks in nearby parking garages, according to Politico. The […]