The “fat lady” has sung.
Time to piss on the hunting camp fire and call the dogs in.

It’s over because I say it is.

My mother knew some things a week or two out to immediate.
Saw one unfold in front of me when I was three or so.
mat father had left to go to a former church he had pastored to preform a funeral for one of his old deacons a good hundred miles away.
This was long before cell phones.
All of a sudden she dropped to her knees and started praying as I had never seen her pray.
She got up in a bit and it had scared me.
I asked her what was wrong.
She told me nothing now, but my father had almost had a bad wreck on a certain deserted stretch of two lane opposing traffic country road.
Father came home that evening and said walking through the door, “you will never believe what almost happened”L
My mother told him what had happened and he was dumbfounded, even though he was used to her know things ahead of time, but the immediate was unusual.

In our family when one of our siblings told another our mother had said so and so would happen and it happened, the wrest would just shrug our shoulders and say “That’s mother!”

When I was yet in high school in the mid 1970’s I tried to tell folks the3 USA could not keep going farther and farther into debt like a drunksailor just got liberty after a six month cruse in a teatty bar with a hand falloff credit cards without disaster.
Cause after he woke up next morning, sobered up, realize what he had done, it was too damn late. to stave off disaster.
Told em one of two things have to happen.
USA/DC, they are interchangeable, would either out right default on their debt at some point, which would wipe out most if not all the middle class which makes the country run,

DC would crank up the printing presses, hyper inflate the fiat dollar backed by nothing but an agreement based on Middle Eastern countries selling their crude for nothing but USA Fiat Dollars, so the rest of the world must also trade in US dollars.
In return the US promised to protect them from the blood thirsty and oppressive USSR, “Russian Empire”.

I was a high school boy not yet a senior and they would look at me and tell me I was crazy cause the politicians and the Usury International Bankers gave then some song where the. road went on forever and the party never ended, all on credit, someone else’s dime no less!

That was 45 years ago and look around you.
They have chosen the path of hyper inflating the fiat dollar currency, (counterfeit money, real money is backed by something of intrinsic value).

There is not near enough green paper and ink made up out of thin air to back all the fiat “dollars” in circulation, cause a hell of a lot of them exist only on some computer program somewhere.
fifteen years back or so I tried to cash a fifty something thousand dollar check at a very large banking firm, at their main banking location, and told I would have to wait a few days as they would have to order that much cash.

So for you who still think the big safes in all the banks have stacks of one hundred dollar bills in them, think again.

Years back HLS gave themselves the right to go into any safety deposit box they wanted to and take whatever they wanted too.

When your funds from your “paycheck or pension” is direct deposited in the bank, into your account, the law has been changed where those funds belong to the bank until. you withdraw or use them electronically.

Thus if someone has their life savings, say $200,00.00, in a bank account, and the bank or banking chain goes under, the federal agency handling the funds will pay other banks and corporations with claims on the bank’s funds with the individual Human depositors funds which went to some rich ass hole.


Forget that FDIC Federally insured crap.

The printing presses have been running at full throttle, DC is fixing to move the throttle lever on printing fiat fast depreciating in buying power fiat currency into the hyper drive mode which is labeled “ONLY USE IF THE SHIP IS SINKING ALREADY!”.

I used to describe myself as a historian before I read books about people in history I was fairly well familiar with by “historians”.

I now say I am a Connoisseur of history.

If you want to know what awaits Americans starting in the next 1 to 4 years, and running at least 7 years, maybe 10, read up on what happened to Russians and other occupied countries when the USSR went poof!
Disappeared over night.

Not pretty.
The average age of life till death falls dramatically as people commit suicide, die of drugs, alcohol, starvation, disease, crime.
The standard of living goes through the floor and keeps free falling for a while.

Medical treatments or funds for medical treatments lacking, people die of things pills have been keeping them alive.

Not pretty, but much too late now to avoid.

The politicians and Usury International bankers raped Lady Liberty until she died, while Uncle Sugar held her down for them.

Seems to me most Americans are living in the past as they still believe in an “America” which never was what they were taught it was, never existed, was only a black magic illusion.

In the first American Revolutionution for freedom, George Washington WAS the cause!
If he were to be killed, the intelligent folks knew the revolution would be over.
There was formed a hand picked group of soldier who volunteered for the duty and were found fit, who’s duty was to guard George Washington’s life with their own if need be.

Came to pass a fairly large percentage of the group took British Gold to assassinate Washington.
The plot was found out, one man hanged as a warning.

Americans enjoyed about 9 years of freedom before the Articles of Confederation were killed in favor of the form of “constitution” which the lying Marxist atheist bi-sexual rail road shyster lawyer rabidly racist against African Americans War Criminal Lincoln wiped his rancid behind on when he DC/USA killed George’s and Crew’s Volunteer Union in favor of a Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a “Constitutional Republic” with the States/ Republics being occupied territory held militarily.
All dressed up with occupying “governments” and “courts” WHICH ANSWER TO DC.

THE red Russian communism which the bi-sexual atheist war criminal Lincoln forced on America is now at the point they are dropping the backdrop of a “Republic” and “Freedom”, taking the gloves off to teach the serfs where their place in the food chain is.

The USA, and by Association, America and Americans are the laughing stock of the world!

The outcast no one wants to touch with a ten foot pole!

The world already knows if the American sheep don’t, the only Rule DC follows, is the same one Long John Silver followed.

That is to say mass murder, mass rapes, and mass thefts as a way of life.
All the while being the hypocrite who sings Holy-Holy-Holy the loudest on Sunday Morning at the Church of Lust, Hypocrisy and Self Gratification.

I wish I was wrong, but I am not.

Most Americans have pi$$ed in God’s own face, falsely justifying the crimes of DC, voting for child moslesters, war mongers, perverts and immoral evil a$$ holes who murdered Jesus’s Little Children in their beds, homes, schools, churches, school buses, hospitals, weddings, funerals of these murdered at funerals.

For ever reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Evil always comes home to roost, and usually in the evil doers rear tail pipe!

God will not intervene to spare America/Americans the reaping of the evil they have sown.
God can not touch or look on such evil, so God has taken away the hand of blessing / protection, turned the other way until America has gone through the tempering cleansing fires of the Judgement of the Books of Balance, have earnestly repented, humbled their stiff necked false pride selves before the One True Creator God.

You ordered this over flowing plate of Rancid rat $#it Americans, I hope you can get it down and digest it so America can start healing and rebuilding.

The Ole Dog!

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