Protester with Confederate Flag in US Capitol Arrested

In this photo Kevin Seefried was pictured with Antifa rioter Aaron Mostofsky, a registered Democrat, on the stairs in the US Capitol.

Kevin Seefried and his son Hunter were arrested Thursday in Delaware. Kevin Seefried was pictured in the White House carrying a Confederate flag during the riots.

Kevin and Hunter Seefried were within a group of people that had a confrontation with police at the U.S. Capitol and who “verbally confronted” U.S. Capitol Police.

There is one Kevin Seefried listed in Delaware. He is listed a registered Democrat.

The Hill reported:

Kevin Seefried, the man pictured carrying the Confederate flag into the Capitol during last week’s riot, was arrested on Thursday in Delaware.

Seefried was arrested for his participation in the deadly Capitol riot that occurred last Wednesday, two law enforcement officers told The New York Times.

The FBI’s Washington field office sent out a tweet on Sunday asking the public for any information they had on the man carrying the Confederate flag during the Capitol raid.


Does anyone believe this wasn’t staged? A perfect photo-op to demonize anyone and anything not of the Statist Left?

You’re being gas-lighted people. It’s all a carefully constructed narrative brought to you by the same people who gave you the moon landings and Sandy Hook. It’s the most sophisticated propaganda program in the history of the world and it’s directed at you.

And they’re lying about everything. Notice how many times “Confederate flag” is mentioned in this piece. Do you see a Confederate flag? I don’t.

And when I say, “Everything,” I mean EVERYTHING.

So my suggestion is to think for yourself and do your homework. Nobody is going to do it for you. And in the coming dark days your survival might depend on it.


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