One Could See The Evil Burning in His Hate Filled Demonic Eyes-

One could see the evil burning in his hate filled demonic eyes-
Hope the POS Imp of Hell had said his goodbyes-

His face showed the evil done, the demon within-
He was guilty of the original and every one after that sin-

The zionist Zombie from hell used his ill gotten wealth-
To wage war on America, harming her health-

America must fight the zionist Zombie Battle or cease to exist-
Not just a new name for the same ole evil dressed deferentially with a new twist-

America must seeze the zionist Zombies ride em out of America on a rail-
Rebuild America while Adelson and his zionist Zombie Virus kind roast in Hell-

The Ole Dog!

One thought on “One Could See The Evil Burning in His Hate Filled Demonic Eyes-

  1. Lewie Paine says:

    Only the good die young. Adelson, Soros and Kissinger might drink the blood of babies to stave off the justice they so fear but their time is coming.

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