Every year the Flu goes around.
Some folks get sick as hell.
Most get well.
Folks with other medical problems, bad lungs, weak immune system from all the voodoo vaccines, old folks with a worn out body, very young with underlaying medical problems die.
Happens every year.
The Flu is going around,folks with underlaying medical problems are dying.
Happens every damn year.

But as the Ratschilds have been denied their long planned and lusted for great humans sacrifice of World War 3, with which they planned to usher in the Rats red Russia Communism in the aftermath when people were so traumatized they would demand a new form of governance so “this could never happen again”, the rats are trying to do the same thing using a fake pandemic.

As powers not of this earth said no to World War 3, the Rats are trying to do the same thing by convincing the sheep there is a world wide “pandemic” which will kill everyone unless all humans give up all their rights and turn the ruling of the world over to the red Russian pedo rats.
And take a 20th Century Superstition Witches Brew, DNA altering Voodoo Vaccine.

Have you see any of the mass graves?
Have you see the line of trucks hauling off the dead?
Have you see piles of dead bodies?
Have you seen bodies laying everywhere on the streets?

Who you going to believe?
Your lying eyes?
Or the Ratschilds prostituted political whores and MSM whores?

The Ole Dog!

Dallas, Texas-based doctors report they have been able to drastically slash death rates among COVID-19 Coronavirus patients with telemedicine and home care. Hospitalization was only needed in 1.9% of 922 treated patients. This striking study was published in the December 30 issue of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine.

Doctors initially used an array of treatments that included an antibiotic and either zinc, hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin. For more severe patients, clinic visits for intravenous magnesium, vitamin B1 (thiamine), plus other oral B vitamins and nebulized medication were employed and considered safe and feasible.

Only 35.6% of the 922-treated patients tested positive for COVID-19 by PCR test; another 591 test-negative patients were considered false negatives as they went on to develop more serious symptoms. This suggests the PCR nasal swab test is largely inaccurate. Only 1.9% of these patients needed to be hospitalized.

While the US has a COVID-19 mortality rate of 877 per million, India, a third-world country, has only 102 deaths per million, suggesting room for improvement in care.

First treat-at-home approach utilized telemedicine.

A comparable study conducted at another hospital in Texas where the same medicines were used resulted in a 5.8% mortality rate. Reduction in mortality rate to 0.3% was demonstrably superior to hospital care.

The trauma of hospitalization plus the potential risk for medication errors, antibiotic resistance and ventilator-induced lung disease, along with sunshine vitamin D deprivation, suggests hospitalization itself may be too traumatic and hazardous for many patients, especially the frail elderly.

Frightening news headlines of cases and deaths need not be

The specious news reports of crushing rates of positive cases, which only reflect the intensity of testing, not the prevalence or spread of COVID-19 infections; and reports of over-full hospitals and ghastly deaths involving breathless patients who rapidly expire, need not be.


Doctors Slash Covid-19 Mortality Rate From 5.8% to 3/10ths of One Percent With Telemedicine, Home Treatment

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