“God is God no matter by what name one calls God.”
George S Patton.

The American sheeple love to cuss the child raping politicians of the other wing of the same evil humanity eating bird.
But they don’t see the same evil in their wing of the same carrion eating bird.
Never realizing, it takes both wings working together to do the evil, wars, piss in the face of God acts which Come out of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac

I spent years figuring out why America had $#it for politicians.
It is because Americans have $#it for brains.
Put another way, the “leadership” of a nation, a country, an organization reflects, is a mirror of the values of the “people” as a whole.

I have spent years trying to stop the decline of America, studying, searching for the reason why America became a $#it hole?
I came to the realization, a Godly people pick leaders who are seeking God’s will for the “People”.
An evil people pick evil “leaders” who make them fell better about their personal evils, and takes society in the direction the “people” as a whole want society to go.
Americans are cussing their politicians, but it is themselves they should be cussing.
Those evil Rat’s bastards in DC, raping babies, starting unjust wars, blowing Jesus the Christ little children to bits all over the world for perverse pleasure and profit, could not do the evil they do if the American people stood together and said, not no, but Hell no!

No more mask!
No more lock downs.
No more forced mass voodoo vaccinations.
No more wars unless America, inside America is attacked by a foreign government.
No more raping babies.
No more selling America out to the Ratschilds!
No more being trillions in debt, while continuing to send billions to the crime cabal Israhell, which keeps attacking America in every way, while American vets die homeless on the mean streets, the streets crumble, sewer line break, water mains break, the electrical grid is ancient and badly in need of upgrading.
Uneployent BECAUSE of DC’s polices, is rampant.
Government indoctrination centers called public schooling insure Americans graduate ignorant, uninformed to truth, and believing pure lies and BS.

But the American people love America being a shit hole.
They just want to bitch about the other wing of the same bird being the problem, when they are half the problem, THEY THEMSELVES are to blame for America becoming a third world banana republic $#it hole.

Americans are serving the pedophilic Cromwellian “puritan “god”.

If DC disappeared from Gods hand, say an astroid, sorta like the original Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, and the “people” did not turn to the One True Creator God, the God of Love, not wars and baby raping, then they would again end up the same place they are now, living in a $#it hole, bitching about what they themselves brought about.

A Godly People choose leaders seeking God’s will through God’s Laws. Natural Law.

An. evil people, choose babY raping war starting, lying sacks of S#it for “leaders”.

Want a good America?
Get on your bellies, put sack cloth and ashes on yourself, beg for forgiveness. Then get off your bellies, get on your knees, earnestly seek the guidance of That Which Is, The Light, the Creator God of Love.

Look inward to your own soul for the problem, as well as the solution.

Otherwise just keep bitching and supporting evil.

The “leaders” are few, you are many.
No excuses!

The Ole Dog!

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