Israhell zionist ZOMBIE VIRUS HOST TRIES TO MURDER HUMANS in Gaza Overnight & Separately Launched Christmas Eve WAR CRIMES/CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY On Syria

When one is the Home Invader, one can not defend themselves agaisnt the Home Owner.

If the Home Invader kills the Home Owner, it is MURDER.
If the Home Owner Kills the Home Invader, it is Justified Homicide.
Therefore, it is technically impossible for a Semitic Indigenous Palestinian to murder a red Russian Non semitic Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian Reject Outcast from the Steppes of Russia Invading Species in Occupied Palestine.
Any Semitic Indigenous Palestinian killing a red Russian Khazarian war criminal invader is doing Justified Homicide.

Any red Russian Non Semitic Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian War Criminal Invading Species killing a Semitic Indigenous Palestinian in the occupied Homeland of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians, is Cold Blooded Murder, a War Crime, A Crime Against Humanity as well as a Crime Against the Creator God.

The Ole Dog!

Overnight Israeli jets pounded targets in Gaza in response to what the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said was Palestinian militant rocket fire into the south of the country.

“Hamas will bear the consequences for all terror emanating from Gaza,” the IDF announced in a tweet, after which it said Israeli aircraft had struck a series of Hamas military facilities including a rocket manufacturing location.

It doesn’t appear there were any deaths as a result of the exchange of fire Friday night into early Saturday, but there were multiple injuries reported.


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