Most people are hypocrites.

Being a preachers kid, getting a front row seat in the lives of those proud “christians” who go to church two or three times a week, sing Holy-Holy-Holy with gusto.
Their lives seldom lived up to their public persona of being a Jesus the Christ “follower”.
In fact, their lives were much the same as the worst sinners out there but they did their sins in secret then lied about doing them if any of their evil came to light.

It is not just “christians” in America who are hypocrites.

I recall about the second or third year of high School, there was local young man who went off to college and got a teaching certificate.
He came back to the Texas hill country to try to teach these people there was a world beyond the county line, that if you drove past the lake, you did not fall off of a flat world.
He was talking about what went on outside of the small walled in by hills communities which made up their world.
He said “for instance, how many of you have smoked pot?

I put my hand up, looked around and my hand was the only one up.
My father was a good man who taught me to tell the truth, stand up for what I believed in, and to kick the ass of any who tried to oppress me or harm those I loved.
So I told the truth.
there were several in the class I was partying with the night before, and about half the class were pot smokers.
But the hypocrisy of the lie of their lives kicked in.

My father had a deacon in one of his churches.
Man treated his wife like shit.
She was a ding bat but he married her and had kids with her.
When she died he spent the rest of his life telling everyone who would listen what a wonderful woman & wife she had been.
I thought to myself, why did he not tell HER these things while she was still alive?
His guilt at how he had treated her, the loneliness he felt with her gone, made him daily eat the bitter bread of his own actions to his wife while she was yet alive, and could have heard all those things he said after she was dead, gone and not listening to him any longer.

Folks who tell the truth, almost all of the time, (hey I learned better than tell the truth when the wife ask if she looks like she has been putting on, or loosing weight, and at times a white lie to save someone embarrassment or hurt when the truth is not to about them, but a loved one), get the name for being heathens, black sheep, outlaws.
I will answer to any of those.

All the lies, pretending on this rock, are brushed aside on that day before the Light.
No lie is allowed on that day, the soul stands necked with all the evil they have done, all their self righteous hypocrisy showing.

There are a few people I have told to F##K off as I have grown tired of hypocrites and people who refuse to grow spiritually.

This world is a school.
Hypocrisy, sloth and self-righteousness are some of the worst evil sins against self one can do.
When your head is up your ass, when you are pretending to be something you are not, when you take the easy way, whether from fear, laziness, worrying about what others will think of you, you are refusing to grow spiritually, and you will answer to the Light on that day for these actions.

Out of a family of eight, there are two brothers I have any contact with.
My Viet Nam vet brother and I were talking the other day, (we tell each other stupid officer stories, and who’s goats did what), and we got on the subject of forgiveness.
I told him I had experienced something wonderful, in that there were three people, one being myself for former actions, who I held a grudge against.
Growing spiritually, came the day I forgave myself, and two more people, truly forgave unconditionally.
A great peace came over me and nothing anyone had ever done to me mattered, what had been done against me, or the wrongs I precieved as being done to or agaisnt me did not matter, all that was gone, in the past.

I told him it was not because of all the shit they had done against me, the lies, the twisting truths to make me look bad, running to our parents, tattling to try to drive a wedge between me and my father.
We spent a lot of time together, they felt threatened by that.
These were supposed to be grown people.
Little did thy understand much of that time was spent discussing theology, humanity, this world, the other world beyond the vail, things they were not interested in anyway.
They started shit, gossiped about each other and everyone else, were self righteous hypocrites.

I said I have nothing to do with them not because I have not forgiven them, but they have not changed.
If I allowed them back into my life, they would bring their same old evil shit with them.
You need to to forgive all persons, all wrongs, but God does not say you have to be a idiot and allow them to continue to do to you what they have done before.

Just be honest, and your soul will find places and time to grow spiritually.

Any preacher or priest tells you animals do not have souls is either an intentional liar, or a fool!
Their soul may not be as advanced as “human” souls, but they have a soul.

I just lost a dog friend who has made my life better for 16 years.
I am so glad I always took time to scratch that certain place on her back, pet her, tell her what a good girl she was, and I loved her.

She died yesterday, and I can not scratch that place on her back, tell her I love here anymore on this earth.

Same with your children, wives, husbands, friends.
Tell them what they mean to you each and every day, because we never know when that person, friend or you yourself will be called to the other side.

Now, if you have in your lives people who continually do you wrong, tell em to F##K off, that while they are forgiven, you do not care to allow them to abuse you and make you life a place where spiritual growth is that much harder because of their actions.

And those who you love, who love you, be sure to tell them so, before they are gone and you spend years with the regret of good words to those you loved, left unsaid.

The Ole Dog!

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