God owns the talent, as one should give a soldier gong to war the best weapons they can, so God arms his Warriors.

This is not self gratification, because without the Love of God, I am Nothing!

I did not turn home work in the whole four years of high school.
I would be failing, ace whatever tests came along, pass with a C average.
When I took my university entrance exam, I scored in the top 97% of all 50 States plus USA Territories of that year.
40 something years back when folks were a lot smarter.
The local congressman called my father & offered West Point.
I weighed my soul against fame, wealth, privilege, because I have both the talents & bloodlines to have gone anywhere I wanted to.
I decided I could not associate with such evil beings, or institutions.

After working in different aspects of the building trades for a few years, getting a much needed 1st divorce, I entered a private religious University, (where it is one hell of a lot harder getting that A than at State colleges) to study Theology.
The entrance office ladies looked from one sheet of paper to the other with uncomprehending looks on their faces and asked me:
“Why did you graduate in the lower 3ed of you class so we have to place you on scholastic probation, yet are forced to give you credit for both US History classes without you taking them?”.

Looking at them honestly, a man there to study theology, told the truth as God would want me to.

I said, I had several part time jobs, there were girls and parties!

Later after my current wife captured me and threatened to kill me if I ever tried to leave her as as I had a reputation for doing when I gat tired of some girls $hit, ( man can Love a Women like that! & he DAMN WELL BETTER!!!) I did a hitch enlisted, did my war.
Watched as the USA betrayed a people they had promised to help if they revolted be slaughtered, starved for political convenience, for Cover Your A$$ politics!
I knew there could be no honor in this, no honor in politicians or their institutions which would do such.

I have studied for 40 something years after graduation.
Have found the same evil, same betrayal of people in American history again and again.
Veterans thrown to the dogs after each war.
Wars started on know lies, false flags or using economic sanctions and lies in the press to start wars of profit and gained power.

The USA Empire was never for or about America or Americans.
If you betray America for the dying USA Empire, you damn your prodigy to internal damnation and slavery.

And possibly the demise of the human race!

Choose wisely!

The Ole Dog!

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