History of the M-14 & M-16 Rifles during the Vietnam War

The older and grayer I get, the more I am accused of being a Viet Nam Vet.
Tell folks that was my brother, I was playing with Tonka toys in the front yard.
I got cards and letters from my brother in Viet Nam.

He was smarter than me anyways.
Uncle Sugar had to draft him.
I volunteered.

I recall several years back I asked my brother why he had changed his major mid stream so it took him five years instead of four to get his degree?

He grinned and replied, “Draft evasion”.
Didn’t work, they drafted him degree and all.
His first born was born while he was in Viet Nam.
Now Uncle Sugar is seeing if USA can screw him till he dies.
Since he lived through Nam and all.
They been doing a bang up job so far!

The politics they insert in the video aside, any one who has carried both of them will always have an opinion of which one was better.
That fight has never ended.
I’m a 14 man myself.
I alway like to make a big enough hole in whatever I shoot, so if whatever it is does not fall down, I have to walk around back, see whats holding it up.
That and the 14 almost never jams.
The 16 will jam if you fart on it.
But I always admit I really don’t want to get shot with one.

Which reminds me of when I was with the Amphibs.
Always told my wife if we ever did a hot beach landng, I wanted to be the last man off the craft because I did not want to be shot in the ass by my own boys.

The Ole Dog!

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