Ghosts of Dead Soldiers in my Helicopter during the Vietnam War-YouTube Video from a Viet Nam Vet

No one can cuss more feverntly & colorfully than I the generals, political prostitutes and minions on “international corporations” who send kids to kill, Come back messed up physically/mentally from bull shit wars based on thin lies cobbled together by evil child raping sons of bitches, for more power, more control over humanity, more gold & for perverse pleasure.

But you have not seen bravery until you see men so scared they would shit their pants if their ass holes were not puckered so tight in fright, suck it up and go into what looks like sure death to rescue a wounded comrade, men they never met many times, or even so a body can be sent back to their families for burial.

American general George S Patton said “Courage is fear holding on a minuet longer!”

I can personally attest to the clamped shut ass hole thing.
They talk about how much clap force a shark, alligator or laughing hyena has in their jaws.
If they had had one of the force gauges inserted into my ass at times when I was in country, I would have probably shattered their gauge.

But I did my duty.

To see men, many who would probably go through life without very many truly exciting or challenging times in their life if they had not been sent to war, conquer the fear any sane man has going into a battle, and do such hero things for their fellow soldiers.

One can not but take their hats off to such men.
War will bury humanity if humanity does not learn to wean themselves off of it.
But if such men can channel that bravery in peacetime, to step out and try peaceful means of healing all Humanity, and stop harming our earth with nuclear waste/nuclear weapons, try new means of humanity living in peace together with no empires, no kings.

Yes I know such talk frightens you, you say it would never work.
How do you know?
Have you tried It?

My father a minister would not brag but would own up to having done a bit of drinking in the probation era.
Said it did not agree with him so he stopped.
He however pointed out to me the ignorance of some tetodler dry never took a drink preachers, get up and preach on how bad booze was at the same time bragging they never took a drink.

He would say:
“If they never tried it, how do they know it is bad?”

Anything to excess is bad for the body, and often the spirit.

As far as the man in the video, he saw what he said he saw and he is not crazy.
There are beings all around all of us all of the time.
Some people know they are there.
Some people can see then or detect energy from them.
Some people swear with no proof, such things do not exist.

When I was 27 years old, I took some photos with a high end 35MM camera at a funeral, of the dead person in their coffin, family in different takes around the coffin.

I had been taking photos since I was a small kid, know what i am doing.
Culture I came from we did not take pictures at funerals, so this was a first for me.

When they came back from the (developer, young folks ask grandparent), EVERYONE FREAKED, including me.
There were candles with flames burning on each end of the coffin.
In these photos, not in one, but in multiple photos the flames from both candles come up, encircled the husband and children of the dead person.

Digital cameras capture much more.
Been there, done that.

Worth watching for those searching for reality.

Any out there thinks sending American children off to do this for shekels and power for rich pedos, you should watch this also.
Think of your children, grandchildren.

The Ole dog

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