WHA adopts draft resolution Against Israhell’s INHuman Barbarism of Syrian Golan and occupied Palestinian territories Peoples

INVADING SPECIS red RUSSIAN NON SEMITIC TURKMEN MONGREL MUTILATES THE BODY OF INDIGENOUS SEMITIC PALESTINIAN JUST MURDERED IN HIS OWN ANCESTRAL HOME LAND. Geneva, SANA_ The World Health Assembly (WHA) has adopted a draft resolution submitted by the Syrian Arab Republic and the State of Palestine that includes a request to provide medical assistance to […]

China and group of 77 Demand the red Russian Ratschild’s Israhell occupation Pedophile Cult to withdraw from Syrian Golan

New York, SANA- The Group of 77 and China Called on the Non Semitic Turkmen Mongrel Khazarian Ratschild’s Israhell occupation Pedophile war criminals to immediately withdraw from the occupied Syrian Golan and the occupied Arab territories. The foreign ministers of the member states of the group called in a ministerial declaration adopted by the forty-fourth […]

Ghosts of Dead Soldiers in my Helicopter during the Vietnam War-YouTube Video from a Viet Nam Vet

No one can cuss more feverntly & colorfully than I the generals, political prostitutes and minions on “international corporations” who send kids to kill, Come back messed up physically/mentally from bull shit wars based on thin lies cobbled together by evil child raping sons of bitches, for more power, more control over humanity, more gold […]