The Pissing Tree

A tongue in cheek poem I wrote about a California shit hole where the battalion went to play war games. Had a rifle squad on a high hill. Porta cans at the bottom, hot full gear hump up & down if one needed to pee. People drinking water all the time so they don’t dehydrate. […]


I have walked along the river’s banks & slept neath the tree- Have followed the winding path to, and sat beside the sea- Many times wandered the trails of the forrest’s cathedral- Secure in Nature’s life sustaining fortress so beautiful- Diligently followed the flight of the honey bee both South and North- Have seen the […]


Deep though the night may run- The morning will usher in the Sun- People will rise to face a new day- Cheered by the sight of the Sun’s first. ray- To work about the art of living- By the light the Sun has given- And when the day’s work is done- The last fleeting rays […]