ONE OF MY HEROES’ WAYLON JENNINGS – My Heroes Have Always been Cowboys *** Tribute to WAYLON JENNINGS

Waylon was one of my heroes.
I am a born rebel with a proven pedigree of rebels going back a couple thousand years at least.

I recall about 1976 maybe, in San Antonio Texas, my brother just older than me, myself & his wife was at a Waylon concert, Willy was there, Jesse Colter.

My brother and I were blue Jeans, boots, blue jean jackets, my wavy light brown hair, and his straight blonde hair were worn longer than was fashionable in the Texas Hill Country where we lived.

There was a clean cut man with a fancy high maintenance women sitting on the bottom row of the ground floor of the bleachers in an evening gown.

My brother an I were about six levels above the if my old memory serves right.

After the Baptist preacher’s kids got a few beers in them, it began to bother my brother about the suit & high maintenance women.
He said they were not here for the music because they were paying no attention to the music, and was being rude by keep-ing talking during the songs.

He for some reason had a pocket full of pennies.
So at the time it seemed like the thing do for he and I taking turns bouncing pennies off of his head.

As I recall, some of my brother’s pennies “accidentally” bounced off the high maintenance woman’s head.

I might have been a rebel back slider Baptist preachers kid who had maybe one too many beers for the occasion, but he raised me better than that.
All mine bounced off the head of the suit!

Now we both stopped bouncing pennies off the top of his head when we noticed, every time there was a disturbance, the cops were reporting to the suit.

It was after that I walked down to the stage to watch Willy Close up.
Someone handed Wilily a quart of black label Jack Danial’s in a middle of Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down.
I watched Willy take a lions share between verses, pass it back to the band where it was gone like a drop of water on a cherry hot wood stove.
I was taking a snort from the pint of black label I had snuck in inside one of the tops off my Texican boots.
This gal standing there wanted me to give my bottle to Willy!
Told her hell no, see what they did to that damn quart!
I want another snort or two myself damn It.

That was mild compared to Willies 1975 4th of July Picnic right outside of Gonzalas Texas.
Real eye opener for a young teen aged hillbilly.
Like them girls trying on them T shirts at a vendor outside the fence.
Do you know them city girls was not wearing any of them double slings shots!!!

Course, once inside there were more than enough nature worshippers to go around.
One gal with just her bottom inner garment on was making out with some guy who was in his fruit of the looms on the fold out bed of a vintage Volts Wagon Van.
They were so stoned, they did not even notice when a necked man walked up and started playing with one of her mammary glands.

Then there was the necked man who came walking up to where my brother and his wife was, stoned to the bone, with a WILLIE NELLSON 4th OF JULY bumpersticker across his chest.
My brother gave him a go to hell look.
The necked man told my brother:
“Just think, you could have been born this way too!”

My brother glancing at the guy’s less than stellar equipment told him:
“Thank god I wasn’t!”.

The Ole days!

I miss Waylon, and a lot more of them who are playing in that big band on the other side.

The Ole Dog!

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