No beer for the Chancellor: Iconic Berlin political pub blacklists Merkel and cronies for ordering new lockdown

Shun the bastards!~

They are ruining family businesses, making folks lose their jobs, killing folks with their fake pandemic shut downs, forced mask, forced lockdowns, folks afraid to go to a doctor cause they might get kidnapped, strapped to a bed, have killer drugs put into their veins against their will, threatening to mass vaccinate with 20 th century superstition witches’s brew voodoo vaccines.

Selling your asses, your children’s asses, your country out to Rats!

Shun them!
Do not shake their hands.
Refuse to eat in the same room with one at a restaurant.
Don’t listen to their shit.
Don’t vote for them.
Any of them!

The Ole Dog!

No beer for the Chancellor: Iconic Berlin political pub blacklists Merkel and cronies for ordering new lockdown

The German officials behind the country’s month-long partial lockdown, during which all restaurants will be closed, are no longer welcome at the ‘Standige Vertretung,’ an iconic Berlin pub catering to the political class.
The owners of the pub voiced their anger over the decision to partially shut down the German economy to slow down the spread of Covid-19. In a video statement on Facebook they said the government has failed to prepare the country for the second wave of the disease, unlike many restaurants, including their own, which have done a lot since April to protect their patrons.

The official numbers say only a small fraction of new infections occurs in restaurants, yet the entire industry, which provides 2.5 million jobs, has been shut down for November, they pleaded.

“It’s known that many politicians come to us as guests. Some of those politicians have decided yesterday to shut down catering businesses again, to ban us from doing our jobs. We are adding those politicians to our black list immediately,” the co-owners, Jorn Peter Brinkmann and Jan Philipp Bubinger, said.

Among the others no longer welcome at ‘Standige Vertretung’ are Chancellor Angela Merkel, Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Muller, Minister President of Bavaria Markus Soder and Senator for Health Dilek Kolat. But if Merkel does come to the pub at some point, the owners are willing to talk to her about their grudge, they said.


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