Iranian Rights Group Urges UN to Impose Arms Ban on Saudis to Stop Israhell, USA & Saudi Holocausting the Yemen People in the Saudi Started Yemen war.

TEHRAN (FNA)- An Iranian rights group has asked the UN to impose an arms sanction on the Saudi regime, saying the regime is committing war crimes by targeting Yemeni civilians in its all-out war against the country. Secretary general of Iranian Youths’ Human Rights Organization, Amin Ansari, made the remarks in a letter to UN […]

No beer for the Chancellor: Iconic Berlin political pub blacklists Merkel and cronies for ordering new lockdown

Shun the bastards!~ They are ruining family businesses, making folks lose their jobs, killing folks with their fake pandemic shut downs, forced mask, forced lockdowns, folks afraid to go to a doctor cause they might get kidnapped, strapped to a bed, have killer drugs put into their veins against their will, threatening to mass vaccinate […]