If The Love of the One True Creator God is in a Soul, There is No Room For Hate

I have been on a long hard journey, a pilgrimage to Honor, seeking the Truths of God.

Looking at my back trail, I can say I was trying to help my people, I was trying to secure for them protection, a good life.
But looking back, not one war i fought for better than two thousand years has led to lasting peace, freedom or prosperity.

Spent years trying to figure out how to stop wars, how to end humanities suffering, how to open the sheep’s eyes, how to make them WANT Honor, truth, freedom, the Love of God.

Millions go to churches every Sunday in America.
Most do not mean a damn thing they hypocritically say or sing in those services.

As Jesus the Christ noted about another people long ago, they have a lot of religion, but no love of The One True God to go with it.
Their lives do not live up to their hypocrisy.
So it is with the American sheep monkeys.

First, one can spend enough time on their knees to wear holes in the knee area of all their pants, yet get nowhere if they do not HUMBLE themselves before God.

Once one is humble before God, one will truly be repentant.
If one is truly repentant, one will ask for understanding/wisdom so one can learn from their mistakes, not repent the same mistakes time after time.

Hate, lust and greed are what’s driving evil in humanities world.

I read the sermons/prayers of many chaplains, USA yankee & Confederate.
“God’s” men on both sides were assuring their respective sides, God was on their side and wanted them to kill the hell out of the other side.

One Confederate Chaplin told the other chaplains, he did not think God started the war, man did, so God was not going to fix it, man had to.

If one fills their heart, their soul, their being, their lives with the Love of God then there will be no room in their lives for hate.
If one’s heart is full of the Love of God one will want to follow the path to the Source of the Light, where God is.
If one wants to get to God’s presence they will not want to bring that lust and greed with them.
They will ask for power, strength to remove those things from their lives, and the power will be given them to do so.

Thus one will finally have a people who WANT honor enough to pay the price, thus be worthy of as well as able to sustain Freedom.
There can be no True or Lasting freedom without the love of God in the Lives/souls of the people.

Seems so simple, the answer to the worlds problems, is get on their knees, mean it this time, humble themselves before the One True creator God.

How about it folks?
When was the last time you were on your knees humble before your creator?

Well thats too long!

If the Love of God is in all of Humanities hearts, or even the majority, Humanity will possess Honor, thus can stop the wars, the evil, the suffering.

The Ole Dog

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