Meet The Social Media Fact Checkers!

All that fighting $hit between the two pedophilic wings of the pedophilic District of Colombia Party is for consumption of the sheep!

With social media censorship hitting peak Orwell to combat ‘disinformation’ surrounding the November election, the industry’s army of fact checkers have become brazen in their quest to make sure the public isn’t exposed to dangerous thoughts.

To help one understand the inner-workings of these highly credentialed, non-partisan, definitely agenda-free arbiters of reality (such as the COVID virus-leak debunker who worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology), comedian JP Sears a typical fact checker has provided a captivating look into the surely well-lived lives of our intellectual gatekeepers.

As an example of saving us from ourselves – this video of a Maryland elections worker who looks around, not to see if the coast is clear, and then doesn’t open a ballot and appear to mark something in it – has been debunked because, according to WaPo, “Elections officials in Maryland’s Montgomery County said a thorough investigation revealed no evidence of fraud or misconduct.”


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