Whether I know some things ahead of time because of some gift, (my mother had it), or I have just read & studied history so much, and history tends to repeat itself, I do not know.

But I have known for many years the USA fiat money would end in hyperinflation, being worth nothing in the end, and the USA Empire will fall.

All fiat currencies always return to their intrinsic vaule, nothing, zero, nada.
All Empires fall, lasting on an average 300 year, give or take.

Some folks try to say the Roman Empire lasted a thousand years.
It did not,

In 44 BC, the rich privileged elites of Rome murdered Julius Caesar for trying to save the Republic by FORCING the elites to stop stealing so much from the common folks and give some of it back.
He was trying to force also, the elites to take care of the Veterans of Romes wars, which the elites had kicked out on the streets when they could soldier no more.
Just like USA’s veterans of it’s wars to benefit the Ratschild’s Israhell are kicked to the street in America today.

Julius’s step son Augustus founded the empire and by the mid 0400s AD, it was done.
The Empire had split, the Eastern half which was no longer the Roman Empire, lasted a while longer.

So the USA’s paper currency, backed by nothing of intrinsic value, borrowed from pedophilic international criminal bankers, who print it up out of thin air, as much as they want and need, at usury interest, is worth maybe a half cent buying power of a pre not federal, No reserves and Not a bank scam post 1913 “dollar”.

And the hyperinflation has not yet set in!

The sheep vote for people who use American children as DC sexual party favors & cannon fodder in wars to benefit the Rat’s Israhell’s Occupation red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel khazarian mafia’s stolen headquarters in Palestine.

America is a shit hole of poverty, crime, evil, pedophilia, theft, mass murders, corruption.
But the sheep refuse to see the evil, as if they see the evil, yet do noting about the evil, then they have proved they are cowardly evil loving and supporting sheep.
They think as long as they refuse to see the evil they can lie to God on that day, say they did not know the evil was there.

It is already recorded what the answer will be from God.
“Depart from me you workers of iniquity, for I never knew you!”

I have cursed the sheep, rubbed their noses in the evil, tried to shame them, plead with them, sing to them, talk to them, show them actual pictures of the evil.
Yet, the stiff necked evil loving & cheering American sheep monkeys refuse to see.

It is beyond my power to open their eyes.

Therefore all of those who do see, who have been trying every way they know to open the sheep monkey’s eyes, are just waiting for God to bitch slap the American sheep on their asses to get their attention.

Nothing can be done until the hand of God wakes their asses up.

In the meantime, I think I will BBQ a goat over slow coals!
Reminds me of what the America sheep monkey has earned.

God is merciful, but one has to get on their knees humbly, and kick the evil from their souls to receive that mercy.

Thus far the American sheep monkeys seem to delight in pi$$ing in God’s own face, while singing Glory-Glory Hallelujah.

I guess thats appropriate as the Battle Hymn of The Republic was penned by a God hating Professed Atheist Marxist Bitch.

The Ole Dog!

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