Iran demands Israel destroy all of its weapons of mass destruction

An estimated 300 plus illegal nukes they threaten to blow the whole world up with if anyone fights back against their mass rapes, mass thefts, mass murders and holocaust of innocent souls

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:20 P.M.) – Iran’s representative to the United Nations, Haider Ali Baluji, said that Israel possesses various types of weapons of mass destruction, stressing the need for the international community to force it to abandon these weapons.

In his speech that was carried by the Fars News Agency, Baluji pointed out that “Israel possesses undeclared capabilities for chemical warfare and an offensive program for biological warfare, although it still denies possessing these capabilities by refusing all international contacts to abandon the option of weapons of mass destruction and abiding by the laws that are officially recognized and implemented by responsible countries.”

Baluji said that Israel has nuclear capabilities and has produced a large number of nuclear warheads.

“Israel must stop playing the role of the shepherd liar about the nuclear non-proliferation laws or lack of commitment and stop the practice of lying and accusing other countries.”

He continued, “When the prime minister of this entity threatened Iran in 2018 with nuclear destruction, it is another case in which the international community must confront this for obvious reasons. Israel is the No. 1 violator of international laws in the field of human rights, international human rights and all disarmament tools. In particular, this entity should accede to the treaties banning the use of weapons of mass destruction, prohibiting the spread of nuclear weapons, banning the use of chemical and biological weapons, and destroying all its arsenals of weapons of mass destruction.”


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