The evil yankee is a despicable sorry pervered degenerate piece of $hit-
He has never been sorry for gang raping children to death, no not one tiny bit-

The mass rapes, digging up the dead to rob, burning churches, homes, the slaughter & theft-
Until very little Southern life, man woman or child, and no gold was left-

He proudly brags of un-honorable evil perverted demonic deeds done-
He proclaims his right to rule absolute which proceeds from the barrel of a gun-

He shook his fist at, cursed at, pissed in God’s own loving face-
The Horseman have arrived to give the unrepentant lover of spilled blood and pain a taste-

Of The Birds of Karma come home to roost at last-
So the yankee can get a taste of his own evil done, of his demonic past-

Pissing on God is a thing which is best not done by mortal man-
The yankee is finding all of evil’s promises were built on innocent blood soaked quicksand!

The Ole Dog!

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