Grandfather What Is That Wall With The Words On It Asked The Boy

Grandfather what is the wall with words on it asked the. young boy-
What is the meaning of it all, does it convey a message of joy-

The old warrior looked down but he was not seeing the boy or his feet-
His eyes looked long into the distant past where old memories on sleepless nights did meet-

Joy, no he said softly, just heartache, horror, boredom mixed with sudden death and living hell-
They tell of souls torn from life in their youth, war for them did toll the bell-

It tells not the story of the many who later died in America by their own hand-
Or drank themselves to death trying to hold back the tears, “to be a man”-

The ones found in cheap motels or on mean streets overdosed on some concoction to keep far-
The tears, horrors, pain, regrets,many memories of inhuman acts of soul shattering war-

Them why asked the boy, do they build it so to bring back memories which bring pain-
So these men seek shelter from frightening gut wrenching memories in drink or pills again and again-

Those of us who lived feel a part of us died with those our comrades who came home to cemeteries-
We feel we owe them because we have what they did not, grow old spend time with our families-

We look at the masses who have no idea what we went through, know not our thoughts, never heard death’s screaming call-
We built it so souls still held captive by tired living flesh can meet again with the souls named on the Wall!

The Ole Dog!

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