No one has scientifically identified, secluded, reproduced in a scientific setting per accepted scientific protocol and rules, a single new virus.
Don’t give a shit what they tell you, they can not come up with the scientific proof to back their bull shit lies.

Now, if you HAVE NOT IDENTIFIED a single new virus, how does one go about making a vaccine for a virus which has yet to been scientifically identified?
More in your face bull shit is it takes a roughly four years to develop a vaccine.

But these “miracle” workers, without scientifically identifying a new virus, developed “vaccines” for the unidentified virus in less than a year.

The CHEERLEADERS for MASS FORCED VACCINATIONS scream if EVERYONE don’t get the 20th century superstition Witches Brew, Voodoo live cancer cell and heavy metal infused witches brew voodoo vaccine, “Herd immunity” will not be reached.
(Cattle/sheep are herded).
I am am going to splain it to you.

If the “vaccine” works, those who get it, will not get the “Virus”, so will not die, at least from the “virus itself.
From the Vaccine, well, you take your chances.

By the same token, those who don’t take it, if there is a virus, those who do not take the voodoo vaccine have decided to depend on God, their immune system and common sense, will either get the “virus” or not, if they do, they either will live or die.

God gave humankind free will to make their decisions.
Been studying history and theology my whole life.

Nowhere does God give authority over humans free will to any other Human, any other group of humans, and certainly not the Pedophilic red Russian mongrel Khazarian Ratschilds.

If they try to shoot you with their voodoo vaccines, you have a God Given Right to Self Defense!

God has given them no more right to stick a needle in your arm, than he gave them the right to stick their dicks up little children asses!
But that don’t stop them sticking their diseased dicks up innocent children’s asses.

The lack of God Given Right to stick a needle in your arm will not stop the Rats from raping you with a syringe if you allow them to.

The lack of a right to bugger children never stopped the Rats from raping/human sacrificing children to their imaginary demon “god”.

Do Americans have a set of balls or not?

The Ole Dog!

‘Operation Warp Speed’ aims to deliver 300 million doses of a vaccine to Americans by January 2021
Hundreds of vaccines are in the pre-clinical testing phase, but only four are currently in Phase 3 clinical trials and some of them have run into problems
More than half of Americans in a recent poll say they won’t get a shot
High-profile personalities such as Elon Musk have also said they will not be taking the vaccine
It has fed the growth of the anti-vaxxer movement with many deciding not to take the jab along political party lines
Scientists worry that if fewer than 70 percent of the population receive the injection, herd immunity will not be reached and its effectiveness will be lost

Scientists in the U.S. are concerned that the battle to control the coronavirus has become so politicized that many people may decide not to take a vaccine when one becomes available.

Several different companies are working to develop injections with the government having provided $10 billion of investment as part of ‘Operation Warp Speed’ which aims to deliver 300 million doses of a vaccine to Americans by January 2021.

But such is the current mistrust of politicians and even the worry that any such ‘cure’ may be being rushed, that it could lead to greater numbers deciding not to get the jab at all.

A Pew Research poll conducted last month found about half of US adults (51 percent) wouldn’t get a COVID-19 vaccine should one be available today. In May the figure was 72 percent.

Misinformation about the effects of a vaccine and the original causes behind the coronavirus pandemic have also contributed to the overall uncertainty.

Adding to the worry, two major drug manufacturers halted their vaccine trials because of safety concerns.

There are hundreds of vaccines in a pre-clinical testing phase, but only four ā€” those run by Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca ā€” are currently in Phase 3 clinical trials.

In August, more than a third of Americans said they would not get a vaccine against coronavirus even if it were to be free and approved by the FDA.


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