There can be no doubt LBJ and the Israhell red Russians occuping Palestine conspired.

LBJ sent the USS Liberty to be sunk with all hands by Israhell, giving him an excuse to nuke Egypt in support of Israhell.

They were sent into a war zone, an unarmed ship, with no military escort.
When the captain asked for an escort he was turned down.

Recalling the planes which the Navy had dispatched to try to save their comrades under attack, LBJ said he did not give a damn if the ship sunk with all hands, he would not “embarrass an ally”.

He knew it was Israhell attacking before the men on the ship knew it was Israhell attacking, as unmarked planes were used for the first attacks on the ship.

These men were threatened with death and prison if they told the truth even to their parents, children and wives.

One can not claim to be a supporter of veterans, while they allow the USA to continue to piss on the memory of the dead, while having a love fest with these who murdered them.

Below is a link where the documentary can be rented or bought.

Please support these men left alive, so they can have some closure before they pass on.

America damn well owes them that at least.

The Ole Dog!

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