All USA Cheering Sheep Monkeys Will Deserve To be Culled By Uncle Sugar After the “election”

Every dumb ass USA cheering sheep monkey who votes for either America hating Israhell Firster Sexual pervert, deserves to be bitch slapped by every single American not infected by the Israhell Firster zionist Zombie Virus, before the ass holes who own the ass holes they voted for cull their asses while raping their children up their asses, before sacrificing them to their Babylonian Demon War “god”.

After trying to not only to tell, but show folks the pictures proving the evil and guilt of the ass holes they love in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, seeing them ignore it while supporting evil which pisses in the face of God, I agree with the ones who will cull them they need culling, but I serve the Light, the decision to cull along with the execution of the act, is best left to Mother Nature and God.

The problem lies not with the USA cheering sheep monkeys getting culled by those who own the evil fucks they vote for, but that non evil folks, Humans who want nothing to do with the child raping evil of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac will be culled along with the Sheep Monkeys.

This is unacceptable.

As the zionist Zombies keep trying to infect all around them with their terminal to the soul & brain illness, the zionist Zombie Virus infected ones must be assembled into Quarantine Camps where they can remain until the Virus has run it’s course, leaving soul less two legged animals snapping in anger at all around.

The Only Inoculation against the Virus is the True Love of God.
Where the True Love of God is in a Human’s soul, they are immune to the deadly to humanity zionist Zombie Virus.

I don’t try to tell Mother Nature her business, but if her and God got around to culling these zionist zombies real soon, it would not hurt my feelings.

The Ole Dog!

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