The Boy Asked His Father What Are Those Bones

‘The Boy Asked His Father What Are Those Bones’

The boy asked his father what are those bones-
On display at the museum showing their age with varying tones-
Some showed results of fire, where a race had eaten their own-
Some showed the ravages of war, crushed, sliced, holes in skulls of bone-
The father answered you see son, there was a now extinct species of animals-
Who brutalized their why through histories past stories and annals-
They could never put God or the good of all their kind before self-
They raped robbed murdered each other until there was simply nothing else left-
But to cover their bones and the scars they put upon the long suffering earth-
Another layer of newly created matter enabling the earth a new species to birth-
Those son are the bones and fossils of the ancient extinct human animal long gone-
So a better species, obedient to God’s Laws, natures Rules could in due time sing a peaceful song-
We who walk the earth in harmony with God keep their bones here as reminder-
Never think one the ruler of, never piss in the face of one’s own designer!

The Ole Dog!

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