Biden Says He Will Debate Trump Again “If Scientists Say It Is Safe”

Election by God!


A child molesting POS Treasonous Israhell frister who wants to sit in the Monica full service Office in the big white Cat house in that din of sin and pedophilia, Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, so he can send American Children to murder Children all over the world for the owners of the USA Corporation, which sure as hell is not the American people wants SAFE????????

F##k it Bihands, be a damned leader!
Share the danger with the great unwashed masses!
Take one for the team!

If either candidate gave a flying trapeze about the American people, they would take it out on Pennsylvania Avenue using Standard rules for duels!

To hell with any election which is already rigged and most folks understand this, therefore will have no faith in the results.

Back to back, Ten Paces Each, Turn, Fire, One is elected by God to rule the USA Corporation as head hand puppet for four years.

If the USA last that long!

The Ole Dog!

Update (1200ET): As we await the next statement from President Trump’s medical team, there have been a few more updates late Monday morning.

First, Joe Biden said Monday that he would be willing to debate Donald Trump on Oct. 15 so long as health professionals declare it to be safe. The convenient qualifier should give the Biden camp an “out” – since Trump isn’t really interested in debating anyway, according to Nancy Pelosi.

As we noted, the former VEEP tested negative again on Monday.

NC Sen. Thom Tillis, whose election rival was just hit with a sexting scandal, told the press that he’s feeling good on Monday.

* * *

Update (1017ET): As Trump meets with his medical team, NBC News is reporting that Vice President Mike Pence has tested negative Monday morning.

At this point, enough time has passed for us to surmise that he wasn’t infected during the Amy Coney Barrett nomination press conference.


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