To Hell With Presidential Debates! Lets Have Televised Duels Between Candidates

No need for a Vote, mail in or in person!
Let God settle which one goes to the Full Service Monica office in the big white Cat House Located in that din of sin, Sodom & Gomorra on the Potomac!
Saves time, saves money, and a duel can not be rigged if being run by an unbiased duelist, as voting machines, and mail in ballots can be.

Election by the favor of the hand of God!
Well, don’t you want to be ruled by “God’s” Pick?

This presidential debate thing, the whole two year long “campaign” side show has grown excessively hard to plan, direct, has grown increasingly too expensive.

I propose changes in the method of electing politicians.

At the county level, two candidates are chosen.
These have duels until only one is left.
All survivors meet for the state duel, until only one is left.
All survivors meet for the “national” duel, until only one is left.

Starting at the county level and working upwards, if none are found who wish to run for the public teat, on county, State, Level, that county or State may opt out of further participation in the elections.

Furthermore, if only one Canadated feels the patriotic call of public service at the county or state level, that one will be automatically forwarded to the next level of Duels.

Elections if you must hold on to 20th century illusions.

At each level, one will be left standing.
God has chosen them to advance to the next level of elections.

At the national elections, one is left standing!
God has chosen that one to rule for four years.

No need for selling ones country out to red Russian’s to get elected.
One being elected by God, owes their allegiance, and the peoples loyalty, belong to God!

This needs to be implemented at the national level, and as there are only two “candidates” left, no time like the present to implement reforms!

Let God Decide!

Get er done!

As for “re-election”, should a chosen by God President, desire a second four year term, they must start the process by “campaigning” at the county level as all other candidates must.

This will reacquaint the God chosen president with the children of God he was chosen to rule, as after four years in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, most candidates will believe themselves to be God, and need to go back to their humble beginnings.

The Ole Dog!

As I am good at dueling and officiating duels, perhaps I might could be of assistance officiating in the current “national debate and election” cycle?

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