The Rise of Christian Nationalism in America

“Christian Nationalism” is warmed over Cromwellian “puritan” yankee self righteous evil.

My mother born in the early 20th century was infected with the virus as a child, and although it lay dormant in her till many years later, she became a “born again christian”, and “God” told her to spread the virus.

It is to her, watching many other zionist christians lives versus the way they acted in church which made me understand the virus so well.

I had to work at forgiving my mother for her zionism, until I realized what a debt I owed her for teaching me the ins and outs of the virus.
If you are going to fight something, you had best understand that which you propose to fight from every angle.

Talking “Americans” who are hard wired from birth to put “Israhell” in front of America, as they truly believe if America does not kiss Israhell’s ass, “God” will destroy America.

All the fake Hebrew red Russians raping all their children who say Jesus the Christ Mother was a Whore, and Jesus the Christ is in Hell Boiling in Human Shit, in the end will SEE the yankee cult fanatics are right, convert to Cromwellian cult fanaticism, and BEEEE SAVVVVEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!


These zionist Zombies need to be forced into re-education camps, (after sterilization)!
See if any humanity is left?
If any humanity can be saved?
If they can indeed redeem their soul, or if the virus is terminal.

Country boy myself.
When one sees a rabid animal suffering from the virus, country boy in defense of humanity, God’s other creatures to include ones of the host animals own species, so others do not become infected with the virus, one puts the virus host out of it’s misery with compassion, burns the carcass so the virus is not farther spread.

As these zionist zombies appear humanoid, I favor reeducation camps, where the infected are segregated from non infected society, while one sees which cases are terminal, which former human, without a soul host animal may recover their lost humanity, soul from the indoctrination infection of the zionist zombie virus.

This article does not go to get into the other Virus of the other wing of the same vile evil bird.
This is basically a hit piece against the Republicans by Democrat supporters.
The further problem of the other branch of the Church of USA, the Democrats takes a bit of explaining.

Their God is USA, but as you have the protestants and the Catholics both adamant their side understands the doctrine of their religion better than the other side, so do you have True Believers in the Church of USA, on both sides of the Church, which think they should be in charge.

And of course both arms of the same religious cult, believe any who do not belong to their cult, are evil heathens who should be thrown in prison where they can be productive slaves to the Church!

The Demophile wing of the treasonous pedophilic bird, are the Atheist believers in no God, but view USA as God, the Demophiles as the “son of God”, thus Demophiles have a God given right to rule with an iron rod on this rock.

Thats the true believers.

The ones who run the Demophile wing, and the Republiphile wing, get together for Child Gang Raping Human sacrifice, Cannibalism of the innocent children they have sacrificed after gang raping them and sacrificing them to the Demon “god” of the red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian World Wide Mafia.

The soil and “government” basements of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac is saturated with the blood of innocent children.
The Stench of their decaying blood has reached the nostril’s of God and the soul’s of the brutalized and slain children cry out for justice!

Rabid Skunks are much simpler to take care of.
You just shoot their ass and burn the virus leavings!

The Ole Dog!

The Rise of Christian Nationalism in America
Or How to Legislate Evil and Punish the Poor

September 28, 2020 “Information Clearing House” – On August 26th, during the Republican National Convention, Vice President Mike Pence closed out his acceptance speech with a biblical sleight of hand. Speaking before a crowd at the Fort McHenry National Monument in Baltimore, he exclaimed, “Let’s fix our eyes on Old Glory and all she represents. Let’s fix our eyes on this land of heroes and let their courage inspire.” In doing so, he essentially rewrote a passage from the New Testament’s Book of Hebrews: “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross.”

There’s nothing new, of course, about an American politician melding religion and politics on the campaign trail. Still, Pence’s decision to replace Jesus with the Stars and Stripes raised eyebrows across a range of religious and political persuasions. Indeed, the melding of Old Glory and Christ provided the latest evidence of the rising influence of Christian nationalism in the age of Trump.

It’s no longer hard to find evidence of just how deeply Christian nationalism influences our politics and policymaking. During the pandemic, the Bible has repeatedly been used (and distorted) to justify Covid-19 denialism and government inaction, not to speak of outright repression. In late March, as cities were locking down and public health officials were recommending strict quarantine measures, one of Donald Trump’s first acts was to gather his followers at the White House for what was billed as a “National Day of Prayer” to give Americans the strength to press on through death and difficulty.

Later in the spring, protests against pandemic shutdowns, funded with dark money from the likes of the Koch Brothers, demanded that states reopen for business and social distancing guidelines be loosened. (Forget about masking of any sort.) At them, printed protest signs said things like: “Even Pharaoh Freed Slaves in a Plague” and “Texas will not take the Mark of the Beast.” And even as faith communities struggled admirably to adjust to zoom worship services, as well as remote pastoral care and memorials, President Trump continued to fan the flames of religious division, declaring in-person worship “essential,” no matter that legal experts questioned his authority to do so.

And speaking of his version of Christian nationalism, no one should forget the June spectacle in Lafayette Square near the White House, when Trump had racial-justice protestors tear-gassed so he could stroll to nearby St. John’s Church and pose proudly on its steps displaying a borrowed bible. Though he flashed it to the photographers, who can doubt how little time he’s spent within its pages. (Selling those same pages is another matter entirely. After all, a Bible he signed in the wake of that Lafayette Square event is now on sale for nearly $40,000.)

The Battle for the Bible in American History

To understand how power is wielded in America by wealthy politicians and their coteries of extremists in 2020, you have to consider the role of religion in our national life. An epic battle for the Bible is now underway in a country that has been largely ceded to white evangelical Christian nationalists. Through a well-funded network of churches and nonprofits, universities, and think tanks, and with direct lines to the nation’s highest political officials, they’ve had carte-blanche to set the terms of what passes for religious debate in this country and dictate what morality even means in our society.


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