I used to describe myself as a historian, until I read some of the “histories” “historians” had written about my own ancestors and kin, which I knew to be either damn lies, or the ignorant ramblings of a herd animal who had no clue what made a top shelf warrior tick.

I now describe myself as a Connoisseur of History.

I found, all my life I had been studying America history from a false perspective.

My conclusions were flawed.

I cussed some men perhaps I should not have for “making mistakes”, or “selling out”, when I did not truly understand what they were dealing with, because my projection of what they were dealing with was contaminated with the falsities of popular culture and “official” American History.

Now keep in mind when I took my University Entrance exam, they gave me credit for both US history classes without me having to take the classes.

In the forty plus yeas which have passed. from that far off time, I have never stopped studying, digging, digesting American history.

I found what I had been taught in school was mostly BS.
The dates were usually right, but not much else.
Sometimes they even fudged the dates.

I found lie after lie in accepted American history.
I found assassinations, murders, genocides, evil, wars for power & profit.

I could not reconcile this with my understanding of the American Revolution, of a people who bravely in the face of overwhelming odds stood against a great powerful world power and valiantly won freedom from their former owners!

I kept digging, I kept finding evil nasty facts, truths of the lie of that which I had been indoctrinated with.

Now none of what I knew of the history of my own land, my own ancestors and kin made any sense.

As I dug, I found a handful of men, Winter Soldiers, who stuck with George Washington while they froze without proper cloths, shelter, went into battle without sufficient weapons, powder or shot.

All the while the elite, the bankers, the lawyers in the Continental Congress were making themselves rich on the blood sweat and deaths of that handful of brave men who overcame their fear of death, hardship, to back George in their mutual fight for freedom in America.

When a battle was won, thousands volunteered, only to desert in twos and threes as the hardship and danger became real.

As thousands of summer soldiers deserted, a handful of Winter soldiers sucked it up, stuck with George and the dream of freedom.

Thomas Paine who wrote the inspirational article shouting for freedom, Common Sense, from which George Washington had read words before he and his handful of Winter soldiers, his faithful brave Few, entered the boats for the desperate gamble of Trenton, after crossing the Delaware in the cold dead of a winters night, after the war condemned Washington for as he saw it, selling the revolution out, and was turned on by a people who owed him more than they could ever repay.

When he died, only nine people attended his funeral.
That is a Damed Disgrace!

I myself blamed Alexander Hamilton for “selling out the revolution”, and I blamed my cousin George Washington for selling out the revolution by supporting a constitution which took back the freedom the Revolution bought, the blood shed payed for, and imposed slavery to the “federal””government”.

I cussed George for his actions after the war while approving of his actions during the war.
The same with Hamilton, who as I saw it, and history bears out, did some major twisting of facts to get his friend George Washington to do some things Washington really did not want to do.

Yet one has to admit, he was brave in battle, served as an Aid de Camp to Washington, which means he had to deal daily with the lack of everything, the desertions, the corruption in some of the States’s troops themselves, taking that load off of Washington so he could concentrate on what rabbit he had to pull out of his backside next to keep the Army and hopes of freedom alive.

What happened was because of the evil, the cowardliness, the treasonous acts of the MAJORITY of the American people, Thomas, George, Alexander, that hand full of brave men giving of themselves for the good of the whole, those Winter Soldiers, lost faith in the American people.

After the war, Thomas thought the only hope was to throw the American people into freedom was as my father threw me into a deep spot in a river when I was very Youngs so I would learn to swim.
I swam to the back screaming I could not swim!
My father laughed and Said:
“You are swimming boy!”

George though it should be left to the States to find their own course, but he depended on Hamilton for his understanding of high finance, and Hamilton believing the best hope for the States was a strong central power, (government) over the States, and so he went with Hamilton’s plan.

It finally hit me!!!

My misunderstanding of American history, was because I had been indoctrinated with a belief in a brave, sacrificing, hard working, willing to die for freedom American people and their Freedom Government.

I came to realize, after one moved past the handful of winter Soldiers and the Brave women who stood behind them, mothers and wives, the “American People” were a bunch of evil, self serving, lying, bribe taking, cowardly, selling their country, friends and communities out to the British for chump change degenerate dregs of European society.

The reason I misunderstood American History, was because I was purposely fed a huge BIG LIE.

If the American people had of possessed Honor, Loved God, Nature, Truth, Sought the Light, or at least have been willing to work towards those goals, not the easy paths of self gratification/gain at the expense of others, Thomas’s path to freedom would have worked, George’s path to freedom would have worked, even Alexander’s path would have worked.
However if the American people had of had honor, Alexanders’s path would have never been a possibility.

Without Honor, none of the three paths would have worked.

Alexander’s path with help for George, sure as hell did not work.
Look around you for the proof!

These men who lost their faith in the Majority of the American sheep, thought they would try to buy the undeserving cowardly American sheep some time to grow, with a “Gentle Slavery to State” until the people could grow Spiritually until they could both UNDERSTAND and SUBSTAIN Freedom.

They however, made compromises with the men who got rich on the War Time Hunger, Blood of the few, the brave, the Winter Soldiers.

It did not work out well.

If the American people do not find honor, America is through.

Without honor, there is no form of Government which will save the cowardly American sheep from themselves.

I made peace with the men I was cussing, out of ignorance, and only cuss the cowardly evil treasonous hiding under their beds, voting for pedophiles, USA cheering sheep monkeys.

I HONOR all who stuck with Washington through those hard, cold dangerous years.

I piss on the memories of the cowardly scum who betrayed the Winter Soldiers with their words as well as their actions.

The Ole Dog!

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