A short history of why USA is illegally occuping Iraq after illegally invading Iraq based on lies, and getting paid back by Iran in Iraq, where USA Illegally murdered Iran’s Diplomate while he was on a posted Diplomatic mission to Iraq to meet with a Saudi Diplomat.

Based on known lies of Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction”, (which was a lie), by the USA which has more than enough nuclear weapons, (weapons of mass destruction), to blow the world up several times over, USA illegally, in a War Crime, Invaded Iraq, blew up their country, looted their museums, raped their little boys up the tail pipe on video while the screaming parents had to watch their screaming child raped up the ass, (so the parents would give information about loyal Iraqis trying to defend their country from an illegal invasion and the wholesale slaughter of their people, a War Crime), stole Iraq’s gold, Stole Iraq’s oil, forced a puppet Iraqi “government” to murder Iraq’s duly elected Head of State.

The Iraqi government has passed resolutions for the invader USA to get the hell out of their country, which the USA ignores, continues to occupy Iraq, while using Iraq to illegally occupy part of Syria, which the USA invaded illegally based on known lies, tried to steal their gold, is stealing their oil, and refusing to stop their illegal occupation of Syria, or the mass murder of Syrians for the USA’s Ratschild owners.

So if USA had not illegally invaded, occupied both countries, refused to leave, and to top off their war crimes, murdered a diplomat of a foreign power in another foreign power which the diplomats’s country is an ally of both Iraq and Syria, the Iranians would not JUSTIFIABLY be targeting USA in Iraq, where the USA is occupying illegally, while stealing Iraqs oil and murdering everyone who fights back against the war criminal Rats’s minion USA.

The Ole Dog!

Over the past months, attacks on convoys of the US-led coalition moving military equipment and supplies have become an ordinary development in Iraq. Local Iranian-backed resistance groups demanding a US military withdrawal from the country have conducted over two dozen attacks so far. The most recent ones took place on September 22 and 23.

The September 22 attack erupted in the district of al-Dujayl, around 60 km to the north of Baghdad. According to Iraq’s Security Media Cell, the convoy was targeted with an improvised explosive device. No casualties were reported. On the afternoon of September 23, a second supply convoy of the U.S.-led coalition was targeted in the district of Awja, more than 160 km north of Baghdad.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq (also known as Ashab al-Kahf) claimed responsibility for the September 23 incident saying that several military vehicles belonging to British forces were damaged. Meanwhile, another group, the Breaker of Titans Company (Saryat Qasim al-Jabbarin), said that it had attacked coalition convoys near the town of Hillah in Babylon province and in the district of Abu Ghraib west of Baghdad. In an official statement, the group claimed that it will continue attacks until U.S. forces are expelled from Iraq.

While regular attacks on supply convoys of the Coalition cause apparent media jitters, they have not caused any notable damage to the coalition forces themselves. Logistical and supply convoys are often operated by private military contractors and local forces affiliated with or just hired by the coalition.

The US military still has a strong presence at its fortified positions and remaining bases in central and northern Iraq. This year the Pentagon even reinforced the security of its forces by deploying Patriot surface-to-air missile and C-RAM (counter rocket, artillery, and mortar) systems. The C-RAM is now regularly employed to protect the US embassy area in Baghdad’s Green Zone from rocket strikes.

The US military has been also conducting active reconnaissance and electronic warfare operations to detect and suppress infrastructure of Iranian-backed forces working against its interests in the region. On September 24, a U.S. EC-130H Compass Call “electronic attack” aircraft was spotted over the southern and eastern regions of Iraq. The aircraft took off on September 24 from the Al Dhafra Air Base in the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi. After crossing the Persian Gulf, the aircraft entered Iraq’s airspace and flew between the southern province of Basrah and the eastern city of Kut in a line parallel to the Iraqi-Iranian border.


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