Millennials and the Holocaust


The site the article is linked to is a disinformation site.
This piece has some good ammunition however, to use against the red Russian Turkmen mongrel khazarain deviant pedophilic mass murderers, thieves, liars and non human leavings of the zionist Zombie Virus.

But the site is being used to try to convince the Goy, not all “jews”, (red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongrel Khazarians who converted to the demon pedophilic dark ages cult religion in the year 0740 DC in the Steppes of Russia) are evil ass holes trying to rape your kids, murder them in Khazarian black magic rituals, steal your country and make you slaves to baby F#ckers.

There was a mass infection of the Khazarians with the zionist zombie Virus about the same time the Hebrews were disappearing from history.
The zionist zombie evil virus used up the Hebrews Judeans, (Israel was already ka-poot, Judea had split off generations before the Judeans brought the cult religion. mixed with parts of their old religion back to Judea from Babylon), and most Hebrews including Jesus the Christ were not Jews.

Jew is a pedophile’s cult religion, not a sub race of the human race.

This site while trying to act like all red Russian cult members are not evil child raping and murdering deviant ass holes, is at the same time trying to save the lie of the Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian cult members being descended from the Judean cult members.

They are still trying to hold on to the Big lie of “God” gave it to Us.

The Dark Ages Demon child raping “god” of the Babylonian cult Judeans, never met the red Russians, so he could not promise them anything.

But some good ammo here in the links.
Read it, heed it, then protect America from the child raping evil of the red Russians.

The Ole Dog!

What is it that causes some to constantly measure how much they are hated? What kind of people demand their host nation be intimately familiar with their past? We learned this week that once again, some Jews are upset by the fact that a considerable segment of the American people refuse to see the past exactly as they themselves see it.

The Jewish Forward reported over the weekend that “survey results on Holocaust knowledge in America are in, and the findings are terrifying. Not only do they show a shocking level of ignorance, but they reinforce findings about all adults, as well as trends throughout western Europe.” Those Americans who worry that Americans are uniquely ignorant should be relieved. Americans are only just as ‘ignorant’ or maybe as ‘rebellious’ as Europeans.

It seems that despite intensive Holocaust indoctrination and the fact that Holocaust museums and monuments have mushroomed all over the USA, fewer Americans are interested in their Jewish neighbors’ historic suffering and the question is, what can be done about it? Perhaps they will have to erect a holocaust museum on every American street corner. Maybe they can solve this acute educational problem by attaching a large and heavy iron Star of David to the back of every millennial.

The Forward reports that two-thirds of young Americans didn’t know how many died in the Holocaust. For some peculiar reason it is very important to most Jewish institutions that everyone parrots the ‘six figure.’ This is peculiar, as the notion of a genocide is within the realm of the categorical rather than the numerical. But if these institutions insist upon reducing the holocaust into a materialist quantified figure I am inclined to ask how many Jews know the exact number of Ukranians who were starved to death in the Holodomor? How many Jews have even heard of the Holodomor? Which Jews know about Stalin’s Jews as Israeli leading columnist Sever Phlocker identifies them. Do contemporary Jews know about the impact of the Yiddish Speaking Spanish International Brigade on Catholic Spain in 1936? How many Iraqis died in the Neocon ‘war against terror’? I ask because Haaretz Writer Ari Shavit wrote in 2003 that “the war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish.” If Jewish institutions want everyone else to understand the holocaust in numerical terms, maybe it would be reasonable to expect Jews to know the numbers of colossal crimes against humanity perpetrated largely or partially by Jews.


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