LA Driver Crossing BLM Protest Gets Chased, Beaten And Arrested On Live TV


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The driver of a white Toyota Prius who had carefully weaved through a BLM protest was heckled, chased down by a black pick-up truck leading the protests, and then assaulted on Thursday night. The driver was then arrested.

“It wasn’t traveling at a fast speed — it was inching forward, trying to get past, and that upset people,” said photojournalist Christian Monterrosa.

On Thursday, the group in Hollywood was walking down Sunset Boulevard, video posted to Twitter and YouTube shows, when a dark-colored pickup accelerated among the protesters, striking one directly and hurtling the person backward. The truck then sped down Sunset Boulevard, nearly hitting other people who leaped out of the way, the footage shows.

Capt. Steve Lurie, who leads the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division, said officers stopped and identified the motorist, although they didn’t immediately arrest him. The motorist told them that protesters had attacked his car first, according to Lurie, who added that officers have noted damage to the car. -LA Times

According to Monterrosa, the truck was traveling against the flow of the crowd when protesters began crowding the vehicle, trying to stop it.


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