COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER: The whole damn thing summarised from go to whoah.

Back in high school more than 40 years back, I was already warning folks this borrow Spend credit card lifestyle, one of two things would happen.

Both of which would wipe out the middle classed devastate the country.

First senecio:
Deep in debt, USA which is a Corporation anyway, not a country or a nation, will just declare bankruptcy.
Shaft every as a corporation can just go poof, dispelIng the corporations debt, then the owners just start them a new corporation to do the same thing to the people for generations all over again.

Or secondly:
Crank the printing presses up at the Not fed, No reserves and Not a bank,. hyper-inflate the money, thus on paper paying off their debts, while in buying value, paying off fractions of a cent to the dollar, if that.

Course they all thought I was crazy as the sold out treasonous pedophilic political whores from Sodom & Gomorra on the Potomac told them the road went on forever and the party never ends!

Today, they are seeing what I warned of more than forty years back.

Course, they still think I am crazy cause they forgot I told them that back then. One does not remember what a “crazy” person tells them after all!

The Ole Dog!