A Son of Odin knelt On The Banks of the Delaware

A Son of Odin knelt on the banks of the Delaware-
Pleaded please God let me keep these men safe as I dare-

That which is said to be impossible by those cowardly sunshine mates-
As I lead these my young brave lads right through hell’s own gates-

Into the teeth of a freezing winters fog midst chunks of bobbing of ice-
Into the cannons mouth, can they in one day cheat death’s hand twice-

If I fall, let another lead on to give this new land a chance-
To mold the people in the ways of Honor, Duty so Freedom can dance-

In the hearts of the prodigy of these lads for generations to come-
But not my will, but thy all knowing will be done-

Should the sunshine solderers be unworthy of the price these few winter soldiers must pay-
Then to those unfaithful one, woe unto them will be the day-

When their hearts are black with the dried stench of blood of the innocent slain-
When they stand before the light and vainly try to explain-

Their evil, their lies their unfaithful word-
There will be no mercy judgement call for them heard-

But any of these my brave lads who might tonight or in the morn fall-
May their shining faces then be the Light which illuminates Valhalla’s Halls!

The Ole Dog!

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