God, Please Help the Non Sheep Monkey Humans In America!

As you have all been exposed to the flu, we are going to quarantine you all together inside barbed wire, but veery sheep gets a multi-pack of toilet paper and $1,000.00 of fresh printed out of thin air Not federal, No reserves, & Not a “bank” toilet paper green backs in every pot!

You can BBQ the cheerleaders & voters for baby raping treasonous political whores sheep monkeys over slow coals for all I care, but the Americans who have not pissed in your face with vigor, few though they may be in numbers, the ones who fight on for you in the face of overwhelming odds and lots of ignorance vile accusations against them by the Pedophile Serving Sheep Monkeys, please give them strength to continue the fight until you say they they have finished their duty here, and you take them home.

The Ole Dog!

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