The Village Idiot American Sheep Beg for The USA Military To Gang Rape Little Children, Mothers, Grandmother & Farm Animals Till Death Again, Once More, Just One More Time!

Americans are sheep!
1861-1865, USA attacks America.

USA ‘Soldiers” gang rape children, mothers, grandmothers and farm animals till death.
Burned, mass murdered, looted, robbed, 1861-1865.
“Reconstruction”, more of the Same for Southern Americans.

When the South at the point of a rifle and a hangman’s noose, was “allowed” back into the Union, Southerners insisted there be a law Military could never again rape rob and murder American Civilians again.
Posse Comitatus Act.

USA has now bypassed it, like every other check and balance honest folks tried to force one the baby raping degenerate ass holes, so they can force BLM/Antifa on American until Americans beg to be raped, robbed, mass murdered by the USA Military Once More.

USA is Forcing BLM/Antifas on America while STOPPING Americans from defending themselves, so the American sheep will beg for a repeat.

And the damed stupid dumb ignorant GMO eating, Fluoride drinking, Chemtrail breathing, Mask wearing village idiots are!

I bet you the few boys which stuck with ole George though thick and thin while most Americans hid under their beds or collaborated with the British, are just so DAMN PROUD of the EVIL done in their names!

The Ole Dog!

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