For you young folks never watched reruns of “I LOVE LUCY”, she played a dingy wife, he was a Cuban with a heavy accent.
They were married in real life.

On the show, when she had done or said something really dingy, he would bow up and say loudly, “Let me Splain something to you Lucy!”.

Ok Americans.
We had such great hope for you in a new land.
We thought given the chance from under the old rules and wars of Europe, you would grow spiritually, becoming an enlightened people who were a blessing to, a beacon to the rest of the world.

My wife is the one who has never been wrong.
I will own up to my major screw ups, take blame when blame is due.
She suspected she might be mistaken one time, but discarded that as an impossibility.

The Ole Dog! has the scars as testament to making some real bad judgment calls.
But them, if the Ole Dog! was not the Ole Dog!, no one would be the Ole Dog!

But back you American Evil Cheering on war mongering pedophile Spit in the Face of God USA Sheep Monkeys.

A people, a country, a nation, can not have freedom when the people have no Honor, Cheer evil, Justify Evil in their minds, using twisted tortured religious cult propaganda and bull shit.

An Honor less people, can not long keep freedom if gifted it, as the undeserving, deserting, cussing George Washington USA sheep Monkeys did back then.
Given freedom, but not understanding freedom, the duties which come with freedom, having no desire to put forth the blood, sweat, tears, knee time to achieve honor, understanding, they pissed off that freedom within nine years of getting it.

If Americans today, were magically given freedom again, they would piss it off again within a week or two.
They would trade it for a cold Sixpack and a half hour with a warm piece of ass before the week was out more than likely.

Return your attention to the picture at the top of the article.
Notice George was on his knee asking direction, humbling himself before God.

George did not believe the zionist BS cult fanatics of either the Babylonian or Puritan End of Times Pedophilia & Death, Dark Age Religious Cults.

But George Damn well Believed in the Source of all life and Light.
He knew he was ignorant of so much he needed to know to win for the American people, a chance to be free.
He knew humbling himself before God was the only path to true Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.
So he regularly got on his knees.

The American people did not follow his lead.

While Millions got on their knees, they refused to humble themselves before God.
They tried to fool God into thinking they were looking for enlightenment, when really all they wanted to do was gang rape children, mass murder, steal from one another, and lie their asses off, including to themselves, to try to hide and justify their ignorance and evil.

If you want America to survive as a people, not talking USA, thats a corporation, and it is already toast, it is the walking dead, it is done already, the body just refuses to fall until it can slaughter a couple more million humans, get on you Damed, and I do mean DAMNED, knees, Humble your miserable asses before the One True God, the Source of all Light and Life, get rid of your unwarranted self righteousness and pride, humble yourselves before God, own your evil, repent of your evil, start working to make your own life a better life, therefore creating a better world, instead of running around the world stealing, killing, and then lying your asses off about why you are doing that Evil Pissing in the Face of God Shit.

My father tried to help you ass holes out.
He spent his life trying to keep you from buggering your children, sneaking around on your mates, trying to keep you from drinking up the rent and food money, trying to teach you not to lie, to tell the truth, grow spiritually.

In his old age, when he was still doing a bit of pastoring at a small part time country church, he told me he preferred burying folks to marrying folks, as when he preformed a marriage ceremony, most of them got divorced, but when he preformed a burial ceremony, they all stayed buried.

Death may indeed be the only thing which will cure the Americans people of their divers lust for evil.

If so, America as a people are done.

Dead man walking!

The Ole Dog!

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