So Americans Think God Is a Baby Raper Huh?

Took this off of Face Book.
Some idiot dumb s#it posted this.

Time to have what we called in the military when we had to behind the building council some wayward soul who just could not seem from screwing everything up, “A Come To Jesus Meeting!”.

Seems to me when Jesus called all them folks hypocrites and a bunch of poisonous snakes, they better run like jack rabbits from the wrath of God to come, he had a vision into the present day America.

So all these hypocrites who do evil s#it in JESUUUUUSSSSUSSS’s NAME!!!!!!!

As Dessie used to tell Lucy on that TV show, Let me Splain something to you Lucy.

The thing Jesus the Christ despised above all else was baby rapers.
He said and it is in the Bible, “they should have a donkey millstone chained about their neck and be thrown into the deep end of the pool!”.

After he cooled down a bit, he also said it would have been better they had never been born.

So zionist “christians”, who put before America, their own land, a land occupied by lying, mass murdering pedophiles, who Converted to the Death Cult religion in the Steppes of Russia & Ukraine, in the year 0740 AD.

There are both documents, historical documents, which prove this, and modern DNA test which prove most “jews”, (a cult religion, not a Race), ARE NOT DESCENDED FROM ANCIENT HEBREWS.

The red Russians the zionst “christians” betray their country for, approves of pedophilia, teach Jesus the Christ is in hell boiling in human shit and his mother was a whore.

But back to that meme of God Bless America!

Why the hell would he?

It stands to reason, if Jesus the Christ was a prophet, a messenger from God, even called the “Son of God”, Jesus the Christ would be teaching what God had taught him.

This means God despises pedophiles above all else.

USA presidents, their trained monkeys, congress critters, Generals, Heads of alphabet agencies, governors, mayors, city council members, judges, police, prosecutors, lawyers, priest, preachers, school teachers, Boy Scout leaders been raping America’s children for decades, and it was there for all to see, you cowardly sons of bitches just did not want to look at it.

Now i can show you pictures of Biden groping little girls on TV in front of their parents, imagine what he does if he gets one alone!

Trump, I can show you a page of photos he took with his daughter no father should take with his own daughter.
It is well know there are many accusations, several cash settlements to families of children who accused him for molestation, and he was bestist buddies with the Pedophile Mossad Honey Trap Operator Jeffery Epstein, and Epstein introduced him to the first “lady”, who I can show you naked photos of from a porn movie where she is getting it on with another women.

God Bless America ya say?

Why the hell would he.

Get on your knees, repent, get off your knees, obey Jesus the Christ, defend you land and children from baby rapers!

Then he will talk to you about how much you have to pay for your damn near 300 years of evil, to get that blessing back the American people pissed off for a cold six pack and a half hour with a necked warm body.

The Ole Dog!

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