A Very Informative Video Banned From YouRube for Being Truthful On a Anti-Humanity Platform

Folks, these vaccines are 20th century Witches Brew Voodoo Superstition, which harms the human body, any short termed benefit far outweighed by the long term damage done the body.

I say this as a GI with was used as a lab rat by USA during the First Gulf War For USA domination of the Middle East, which it is now losing back to the Russians, and ultimately to the Chinese who will dominate Russia as a larger, older brother does a younger sibling.

Many dead, many disabled, USA still lying to Americans about doing the vile act.

The DC hypocrites like to demonize the Japanese & Germans of WW 2.

Neither of these people experimented on their own soldiers and people.

USA did both to the American people during WW 2, and has never stopped their assault of the Heath and lives of the American people.

Learn, or keep being test animals in an evil Rat Wizard’s demonic assault on Humanity!

You have to go to the site of the link to watch the video as I can not imbed it, but please do, if not for your sake, for your kids & grandkids sake

The Ole Dog


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