You ARE The Devil

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The Devil?

There has been a debate for hundreds of years if the devil is a real or just a made up character.

The Devil is VERY real, but the devil is not a being, at least not a single being. He/she, lives in the souls of all mankind.

Let me start further back.

In the beginning were the Dark & the Light.

The Dark and the Light are one.
The light, or the dark, could exist without the other, but one without the other can not sustain life.

The Light is not evil, the Dark is not Evil, both are God themselves, or gifts of the one true god.

God is Love.

A loving God Can Not Cause evil.
The Dark which is part of God, Part of the Universe, Part of the Plan, is not evil.
Many evil beings walk in the dark as the dark helps them to hide their evil from others, helps them hide their evil from themselves.
One walking in the dark, does not see much at all.

The Devil is real however, it lives in the souls of each man & Woman.
It is the job of Each man or woman, to resist the devil living within their soul, walk, run, crawl, swim, jump towards the light continually, and the Devil within you will be powerless to keep you in the dark.

Put it like this.
The night comes, the cock Roaches come out!

The night is not a disgusting loser turd eating revolting creature, the Cock roach is.
The Dark does not cause the Cock Roach to be a disgusting evil being.
The Cock Roach is with you during the day also, just as evil, just as disgusting, it just hides in corners, closed off places, where the light does not reach.
Come dark, out they come, as they can hide in the dark while doing their evil.

They are with you dark or light, they live during the day also, so if the Dark makes cock roaches who and what they are, so does the Light, as the Light substances them as well as the dark.

No, The dark and the Light, neither or both together does not make they cock roach the disgusting disease spreading evil anti-human being they are.

They bring with them what they are, into the Light or Dark.

A Loving God does not send one to cause evil.

Evil, man kind brought evil, the “devil” with them in their souls from the slime of creation.

God does not force one to chose the dark or the Light.

God provides both, both are needed to sustain life.

If one finds evil in the dark, one brought the evil with them in their soul. God did not put it there, you did.

Only you can banish the devil from your soul.

Now, there are evil spirits, demons if you will running around out there looking for a home.

If a man or women, does evil, loves the dark, then they open themselves up to possession by evil forces.
Being possessed by evil is not an excuse for doing evil, as one would not be possessed with the evil, if they did not by their actions, allow the evil in.

“I was drunk when I killed that man, I should not have to pay the price of the crime, it was the alcohol, not me”!

That senecio is used very often by humanity trying to excuse their evil.
Did God force their mouth open and pour the booze down?
Your choice, your actions!

If there is evil in your life, it is because your Devil in you is in control, not God.

The Devil did not “Make” you do anything.
He is your personal Devil, part of you.
Only you can banish him from your life.
Takes struggle, self sacrifice, prayer, humbling ones self before God, sticking to the Path to God, no matter the hardships and troubles one finds blocking the path to god at times.

Man has made himself a fairy tale where the “Devil” is to blame for all their evil and faults, and God has to be what man wants, God has to allow what man wants to do, God had to do it Mans way.

“Many there will who will be called, but few who will be chosen.”

Many start down the path to Illumination, Eternal Live in the presence of God, but few there be who finish the journey.

Those who fail, those afraid to even start down the path, must have an excuse for their evil, their failure.
Man is not big on owning their own evil, failures, so they invented the Devil who FORCES them to rape children, steal, murder, lie.

You want to banish the Devil from your Life?
It is your personal Devil.
ONLY You can order him out of the Captains Chair in Your Life.

The Ole Dog!