The Rose~Bette Midler With Lyrics

A Loving God Does not send evil creatures to punish evil people.

A loving God is Pure Love, there can be no vindictiveness, only Love.
Sometimes when humanities evil gets so overwhelming, God can no longer stand to keep his hand of blessing on such evil, so removes his hand of blessing.

Humanity then destroy themselves.
The Evil you see around you is your evil.
It is evil you personally did, or did not stand up, speak up against.

You did not want to Pay the Price of Duty the Light Requires of his own.

You individually, and banding together formed the $hit #ole you see, and bitc# about, around you.

It can only be fixed, Humanity saved from the Great Gathering of Souls, by individual repentance, individual submission to God.

THEN Together, as a Group, Seek the True Will of the One True God.

There is no easy path to Eternal Life in the Presence of the Source of All Light & Life!

The ole Dog!