So Little Time, so MUCH Ratschild’s Propaganda to Sling!


Fake prince/Real Rat!
The Lady Di murdering scum if from imposters.
Both Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were bastards, not sired by by Plantagenet Royalfathers.
This makes the present “royals” fake monarchs.
But this does show you who really runs the British Empire.

There is this Mossad/CIA propaganda slinger using two different names perhaps, sent me the same preview of the same cobbled together red Russian Bull shit.

See, Russia & the USA both united to murder Generals George S. Patton because he would not sell America out to red Russian zionism/communism, he was trying to stop the Cold War, stop the spread of communism/zionism

From the. red Russian Rat’s Rat Shit slinger who Post at VT.
“No one but Burgess really saw it coming. ”
(From Email Preview)
“Globalism has ridden its one legged jackass of a lie about the “Nazi’s” just about far enough. Yes the National Socialists committed atrocities in a war they didn’t start but they pale in comparison to the ones Great Britain and the United States along with their dog of war the Soviet Union committed in a war they did start. Globalism has chosen Communism for its system of world domination. As Anthony Burgess, a high ranking British Intelligence officer in WW II pointed out in his masterpiece A Clockwork Orange this has been their endgame since WW II ended. It was instituted covertly, systematically, and relentlessly. No one but Burgess really saw it coming. But now in its final push every sentient being still left after seventy-five years of MK Ultra can see it as easily as they can see the palm of their own hand. Again there is a simple solution, a cure, complete the circle and go back to where it all began…”

This would come as a surprise to General Patton who was murdered by the USA & Russia for trying to stop the cold war and the spread of World Wide communism/zionism.”

Before Patton, there was Henry Ford, the father of the Ford motor Company who warned of the same Virus.


Charles Lindburg.

So you be the judge?

A bull shit slinger who tries to present themselves as a source of history, who either don’t know shit from shinola about real history,
(Someone so ignorant & dumb they could not pour piss out of a Texican Cowboy Boot with the Instructions written on the Botton of the Heel!


Takes the Rat’s diseased dick up his A$$ daily for shekels?

You be the judge.

The Ole Dog!

There was a time when the Treasonous to America red Russian Non semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian sons of Khazarian street mutt bitches at VT used to try to at least impersonate real journalist.

Don’t know about you, but when a women was trying to tempt the Ole Dog! into her bed, I preferred the one who used suggestion and charm, an illusion painted in my Brain, to the winch which just dropped everything showing the imperfections of the real flesh, vs the illusion.

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