USA “government” Minions and WUPOON

Back in the 1800s, an official from the Indian Affairs agency, went to talk to some of the Natives who were unhappy with Uncle sugars Reservations and lack of everything they were promised.
(Cause the Indian agency agents were stealing most of what congress had not already stole before it got to the Indians on the reservations).

He had the Chiefs assemble the tribes, and for ever more gave a speech!

He told them how the Great White Father Loved them, was treating them SO well! He did not know why his brown brothers were unhappy with the Great white Father?

All through his speech the people are yelling WUPOON-WUPOON!!
Agent thinks to himself, I’ve got them eating out of my hand now!

As the Head Chief was escorting the agent out to his mode of transpiration, one of the tribes bulls raised his tail and took a giant dump in front of their path.

The Old Chief took the agents arm, guided him around saying:
Don’t step in the WUPOON!

The Ole Dog!