My Testimony Concerning the World War II Japanese Surrender Offer

American sheep monkeys elect to office treasonous red Russians like FDR & Ike, they kill Americans trying to help them like General George S Patton, The Rev. Martin Luther King, John & Bobby Kennedy.

WW 2 was none of Americas business.

FDR FORCED Japan, with economic sanctions. to attack USA at Pearl, doing two things.

Causing Americans to die, American Treasure spent, in a war to take a two front war off of Russia, (Russia & Japan have always warred).

This also covered FDR’s red Russian Lies to get elected, where he had to swear to the American People he would NEVER lead them to war.

So FDR, backed Japan into a corner, so they WOULD attack, giving him an excuse to fight Russia’s Pacific war, AND, force Americans to die, American treasure PI$$ED off, fighting Germany.
Germany Loved America, thats where they got all those get rid of the insane, crippled, undesirable policies, form America.
Germany did not want to fight America.

But The Rats owned FDR’s Treasonous red Russian A$$, so Americans died, killed, in a pre-planed Ratschild war which had NOTHING to do with America the Land, or Americans the People.

Moving along to WW 2 in Europe.

If the Evil Commie red Russian Bastards like FDR & Ike would not have kept stopping General George S Patton, War with Germany in Europe would have been over by at least September 1944.

Khazarian Russia would not have be HANDED ON A GOLDEN PLATTER, all of Eastern Europe, There would have been no Cold War.

So this means, either:
Those in DC, WERE & STILL ARE, EITHER, Some of the Stupidest Village Idiots ever gathered in one place, at one time.


The evil Child Raping Treasonous Sons of Bitches are some of the most America Hating slime ball sons of cunt street mutt mongrel bitches which ever wasted good air by breathing!

The Ole Dog!

By Michael Hoffman
Former reporter, New York bureau of the Associated Press

During the observation of the 75th anniversary of the atomic incineration holocaust of Hiroshima, the corporate media have been circulating various allegations that the Japanese had not attempted to surrender prior to the bombing.

One of these disgraceful justifications for the American government’s Machiavellian extermination of Japanese civilians is titled, “Back to Hiroshima: Why Dropping the Bomb Saved Ten Million Lives.”

The following is my testimony.

The problem with the claims that the Japanese were not going to surrender is that they contradict first person testimony.

Walter Trohan, White House correspondent and Washington D.C. Bureau Chief for the Chicago Tribune

In the course of my career in journalism I was privileged to come to know Walter Trohan, a star reporter for the Colonel R.R. McCormack newspaper, the Chicago Tribune. He was its Washington bureau chief. Mr. Trohan covered the White House and had known and interviewed every president from FDR to Nixon.

In a conversation with Walter Trohan, he told me about information disclosed to him by FDR’s Chief of Staff, Admiral William Leahy, who served in the same position under President Truman.

As early as 1943 Leahy informed Trohan that the White House was receiving peace feelers from the Japanese and a surrender offer, predicated on the exemption of the Emperor from any punishment or incarceration.

Leahy also told Walter that if he printed those facts before the war ended he would be imprisoned.

One week after the Japanese surrendered, the account of Japan’s surrender offer was published on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

In his memoirs, published in 1950, Admiral Leahy wrote that prior to the dropping of the atomic bombs:

“The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender.”

Few people were in a better position to know.